Angels are for Everyone

Maitreya Integration Healing

Are Angels Real? – Or an archetype?

When I first encountered the realms of the ‘Kingdom of Light’ in Angelic Reiki, I was somewhat sceptical.

In fact, believe it or not, I am often sceptical when I come across new healing modalities . .  I like to feel into what it is, try it out and allow the energy to work with me before I’m completely sold.  
When I was invited to attend an Angelic Reiki 1 and 2 workshop 12 years ago, I had just completed three years of Goddess Worship and self initiated as a Priestess of Avalon.  I have to say, that the realms of the Angels had evaded me and I was not sure how to take it in.  As the weekend workshop went on, I did have an amazing epiphany and felt the presence of the Angels – a feeling I had not had before, one of enormous Light and purity – it was strange and new, I felt a deep sense of holding, of unconditional love. . . and my scepticism lessened.  As the weekend came to a close, we journeyed in deep meditation to the Kingdom of Light to receive attunements and blessings from thirty Angels.  I remember feeling rather miffed that I had fallen asleep and missed quite a few of them, but nevertheless, the blessings had been received.  Following that, a time of clearing ensued – I became Lighter in many ways.
Over the years, I have deepened my relationship with the Angels.  Not least of all through Aura Soma.  Attending the 72 Angels of the Kabbalah was an immense experience – 12 days of tuition and a discovery of my own personal Guardian Angel, Heart Angel and Intellect Angel.  These three angels influence and assist the journeys of what we have come here to achieve, how we assimilate our learning journey and carry it out through our feelings and our understanding.  As with all Aura Soma courses, numerology is important and also the Hebrew Language of Light in speaking and singing the Angels names – a very powerful process.
Three years ago I took the last Angelic Reiki attunements to become a teacher.  Each time I teach an Angelic Reiki Workshop, the energy becomes more Joyful!  The essence is of learning, connection, healing but also fun and joy.  I feel the flow of the Angels opening up to us even more . . .and for sure in these times the Angelic Kingdom of Light is ever more relevant and a comfort to us all.
This is the message that I was asked to bring through today.  That whether you believe in Angels or not, we cannot deny the existence of Higher Beings.  The Angelic realms are guardians and as such they need to be asked to help us.  If we are in denial of a higher power or higher beings of Light, then we are free from being able to ask for their help in the first place.  We could say, that the Angelic Self resides within each one of us and Angelic Reiki assists the awakening of such.
Angels work through our own consciousness.  When we are open to the possibility that they exist, we are open to miracles!  This is how I channelled through the principles of the Maitreya Integration Healing System from Archangel Metatron.  You can read more about that right here.
The Angelic Kingdom of Light is part of our super conscious awareness.  As Lemurian Souls we remember that human beings were once as one with the Angelic Kingdom.  The 12 stranded DNA human was ethereal.  A being of Light.  This is the journey of Ascension that we are upon now.  To become the Human Angel on Earth Heart once more.  
When we receive Angelic Reiki Healing and attunements, we become more reconnected to the Light and as such our hearts and minds are open to the JOY of the Angelic Kingdom.  We feel a sense of peace and love – a reconnection to a memory that may have been long forgotten.   
During healing sessions with the Angels and in Workshops too we flow with the energies of peace, love and light.  A space of higher frequency is opened up as the Angelic energies unfold their wings to protect and over light us.  
In these times, the Angelic energies are very much needed to bring back and manifest the plan of Love and Light on Earth.   As part of the workshops we go through a process of cleansing.  Many of us have, in Soul, been connected to the darker energies of the Universe, and these cleansings are necessary to help us clear the attachments to the energies that seek to keep us held within the dark.  As human angels in the making, we are naturally attracted to both Light and Dark – that is the nature of our duality and that which feeds the false ego, this is the essence of ‘free will’  that we have.  We have the ability to choose dark or light.  When we dedicate ourselves through attunement to the Light, we receive the love, comfort, the blessings and the guidance we seek.  All of which emanates from within ourselves as the connection to our own divinity becomes more radiant.  
For me, the Angelic realm is real and inextricably connected to our journey as humans.  Whether we see the Angels as beings with wings or as the purest energy form of Light that they are, is an individual experience.  
The insights and deep healing the Angels create is life changing.  Only you can decide when you are ready to step up and become the Angel you truly are.
I am always adding new dates for Angelic Reiki workshops and Healing sessions are just as magical and transformative by distance as they are one to one.  Check out the events page for workshop dates coming up soon.  
With love, light and grace,  Rhosalaria,