So You Want Freedom?

The Secret you need to know now

Our lives are an energetic weave of consciousness and perception . . .

What if the Jailor opened the gates and threw away the keys a long, long time ago? . . or even if there was never a jailor in the first place?

From a Soul perspective, we agreed to come into this lifetime to fulfil a purpose and to integrate the healing of such within our Soul’s energy.  But for many of us, we may have struggled to remember that purpose, who we are, why we came to be here for many years.
The fact is that we live by narratives.  The timeline that needs healing is the ‘storyline’ we adopt which begins at our birth and is ongoing.  We have many opportunities to ‘grow’ and to change that storyline throughout our lives but still, we may ask, where is the freedom we thought we had come to achieve?  At birth we passed through the veils of amnesia which created this perceived disconnection to Source and the knowledge of who we truly are.  This, apparently is the picture of the ‘conditioned’ hueman being in 3rd and 4th dimensional reality.
Within these lower dimensional realities we may be conditioned by our environment, our parents, institutions, society and government to live in perfection, strive for perfection, we are saturated by ideals and ideologies that very often are not a vibrational energy match to our own.  Whose ideas of perfectionism are we trying to live up to?  We are influenced by the human history which is often indoctrinated through the eyes of the storyteller.  By living in this pressured existence where we may well be ‘dancing to someone else’s tune’, we become further and further detached from our own sense of truth and our own sense of freedom.  What is freedom anyway?
Freedom is a state of mind – Life is a state of mind and mindfulness. 
What blocks our pathway to freedom?  Let’s face it, we were traumatised from birth and for many of us, a pattern of trauma already existed as an imprint upon our Soul from previous lifetimes.  So as we spiralled through into this lifetime, our mission was to be free.  Freedom from trauma, freedom from judging ourselves and others, freedom to be completely in harmony with the Oneness of all and to be in a state of grace and forgiveness.  Why is it so hard to achieve this?
We have lived under conditioned fear and trauma for our entire lives.  We have sought the highest ideals and perfections not realising that there are no ideologies other than those of our own state of mindful spiritual awareness from moment to moment.
The energetic resonance of trauma has been captivated and used to exacerbate the feeling of detachment, of abandonment, conforming to an ideology outside of ourselves by those who seek to compromise our individuality and the consciousness of our Soul’s wisdom and as such, our connection to Divine Source.
However, by shifting our state of mind – we may come to realise that we created the prison, we created the jailor, the conditions, the need for perfection, the idea of separation, abandonment and ultimately the fear and trauma that striving to fit into all of this ‘fake existence’ has created.  Why? because we bought into it and perpetuated the storyline.  All narratives come to an end though.
We are One huemanity waking up from the perception of the prison . . . indeed the jailor opened the gates and threw away the keys so long ago . . . and they never really existed anyway . . . it was an illusion created long ago and one which we incarnated onto Earth to conquer.  The keys to freedom lie within ourselves, the key of desire and peace ultimately opens the doors as we free ourselves from the trauma of ‘conditioned perception’ of what life is meant to be and begin to follow our own ideology of life with mindful appreciation.  
It may seem therefore, that the perception of the jailor and the prison are simply a conjuring within the consciousness of the western world by governments, institutions, greed and the conditioned way of living that it creates.  For sure, that is my take on it.  When we meditate, appreciate life and act from a place of love and grace we are living within our own ideology of peaceful mind.  We disengage with the conditioned narrative.  We flow with the energy of the Universe and co-create through the Love within us. Our own personal Truth is manifest upon the Earth – we are the Christed beings with open hearts and minds.  Only we can save ourselves.  Openness means freedom.
Just for today, I invite you to search through your mind and seek out your own conditioned perfectionism and to trace it back to where it evolved from.  Ask yourself, can I release myself from this idea and self judgement now?  Meditate upon it and begin to see how much more expansive your life will become as you let go of the conditioning and accept yourself as you are – a perfectly imperfect being of love.
Life is limitless – life has no boundaries other than those we place upon ourselves.
With love, peace and freedom –
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