Learn Pellowah Healing Technique

Pellowah is the most profound healing modality of our time.   Pellowah means ‘shift in consciousness’ and is an amazing energy for our ascension journey.

Pellowah Healing Technique was channelled by Kachina Ma’an in 2003 to help humanity reconnect to the full potential of the Soul.  Receiving attunements is simply lifechanging.  Please read about my own journey here.
Pellowah will always give us what we need and not necessarily what we think we need we need.   The Pellowah energy is pure and comes directly from Source.  It helps us shift out of repeat patterns and reconnects us to our Truth.  Every healing and attunement experience is unique for us all.  Pellowah meets us where we are on our journey and each experience is as individual as you are.  Pellowah simply makes us ‘more of who we truly are.’
Pellowah helps clear the neural pathways that held the outworn thoughts and beliefs and reconnects more Light through alignment with our higher divine consciousness to create new ones that are free from the conditioned self and more akin to our Soul’s mission and purpose here.  Many people are drawn to Pellowah as an addition to their healing practice and some people want the attunements simply for their own spiritual and ascension journey.
Many people are drawn to Pellowah through its name.  Like a long lost strand of memory that we just can’t quite understand or remember – it is in fact, the Soul calling to remember, to begin the journey home and reconnect us with our 12 stranded DNA so that the Soul’s essence can be fully read, integrated and expressed.  Thus we can become ‘more of who we truly are’.  Leaving behind the conditioned self with increased clarity, focus and awareness.  You can read more about other people’s experiences of receiving Pellowah Healing sessions here.
I am beginning Pellowah 1 and 2 attunements in the UK in 2023 and I would be delighted to answer any questions you may have.  Please contact me here.

Pellowah 1 and 2 Attunement Workshops –

Basingstoke, Hampshire – 28th/29th, then 25/26 February and 25/26 March 2023

During this joyful workshop you will receive two attunements.  You will get to understand the nature of Pellowah through healing practice and reflection on giving and receiving healing.  The process is purely experiential and uniquely yours.  These are exciting times!
You will be given :
  • Two attunements to the Pellowah Energy
  • A comprehensive Q and A session
  • Guidance and practice on how to conduct a Pellowah Session whether in person or distantly.
  • Two full manuals
  • Practitioner certification and registration upon completion
  • Support throughout the workshop and afterwards
  • Snacks and refreshments
Often we do not understand why the Soul is calling Pellowah to us (this was my experience and that of many).  The guidance is to go with the flow.  Pellowah is an energy purely of the 5th dimension and beyond.  It is, a delightful joyful honour to accept the call and take up the journey and watch as the magic begins to unfold!
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