Welcome 2024

Welcome 2024!

In 2024 which in numerology, adds to 8,  this year will be one of shifting further more into alignment with our higher self.  We will be making quantum leaps within our Soul energy too. 

The power activations that happened in the Southern Hemisphere last year, within the ancient indigenous lands are now and will still further have a huge effect on the entire planet as waves of energy move through the Earth to affect us all.  With these huge waves of energy comes vast change and transformation, and we shall truly feel the anchoring of New Earth paradigm in many ways but most especially within the way we view ourselves and how we show up in the world. Towards the end of last year, from September onwards there was a great need to really ground our own energy through nature.  This was the beginning of these energy waves and it is now that the effects of change and transformation will truly begin. 

For we are the portals of Light to ground the energy of Light and Love on the Earth, that is, in our own unique ways, through our mission here.  People often ask what their mission is and truly this is it – to ground the Light on Earth and with that, to be our true sovereign self.

 Through these changes  there will be a clear demarcation amongst the collective of choosing love over fear, peace over fear, joy over fear, abundance over lack, this is a continuation of the bifurcation that began upon the accelerated timeline of 2020.  It may seem easy to say, love over fear, peace over fear when the 3D world is disintegrating and we witness chaos.  However, it is important to stay grounded, to stay in tune to the higher self and to know that all we see and witness is a playing out of the old and this is the crumbling of the illusion we have lived by and that the diminishing establishments, regimes, old reality of ‘I’ instead of ‘We’ is what we collectively have created in order to transform along the timelines of ascension.   And it is within the rising of a new sense of freedom and a new sense of self responsibility and collective responsibility that the Divine Feminine energies anchor.    

 As the old view of money and finances lose their grip on our reality, our need for survival as it has been played out historically, begins to change dramatically.  And this is surely happening as we become more aware of the higher conscious self which serves all humanity and the Divine equally. 

We are a part of that energy and there is NO SEPARATION.  No one person is above any other.  We all have our gifts that we bring to the table but no one is indispensible for we all are part of the bigger Divine plan individually and collectively.   As we work around this principle of helping each other in our own way, we know that we can all contribute to establishing love in our own ways but that that love is the same LOVE.  This is the principle of Divine Feminine Energy anchored now – it is inclusive, flowing, nurturing, compassionate, strong and courageous. 

The feminine flow is One of Divine Creation and transformation that is never ending.  As we learn to deepen the love for ourselves and nurture our own sense of creativity and self care, so we learn to lose the need to judge or exclude.  Divine Feminine is curved and not linear.   As this energy deepens within our conscious awareness We shall be looking to each other especially towards the end of the year with a new outlook  on energy exchange for what we want and need.  Life becomes for many much more simplified as the material need for goods that are superfluous to everyday life become less important.  A more spiritual view of abundance begins to shift in.  As we look towards each other too, we shall see small communities of like hearted people coming together with an open more peaceful view, to help, to serve and to create a true sense of belonging and true abundance in the world. 
Through the year we shall grow in that feeling of grounded-ness and belonging, feeling less doubtful about our own future.  Mother Earth is opening Her heart to rejoice in the alignment with Source and the collective of huemanity will feel this deeply.  There will be a need to come back to nature within the true sense of reverence for it all.  And as you feel that need and merge with nature, so the old duality subsides and shifts out of the way to reveal a more free flowing diverse outlook and existence. 

The number 8 represents infinity.  The sweet spot in the middle is the alignment to and with Source and Divine higher self. 

Many more people will be awakening and a shift away from some forms of organized religion will take place too.  This is because you will be awakening increasingly to the Divine self within and in the process of such we shall begin to see the ideas of religion and spirituality merging together where the focus of ideas become less indoctrinated and love shines through in the new sense of inclusivity. 

Is this a Utopian dream?  Far from it, this is where we are headed to.  Some are already there and it is through the shadow of ourselves, the shadow of the soul and the integration of a deeper sense of healing and oneness that we can and will shift our perspectives. 

From the Chinese Nine Ki astrology perspective next year is a 3 year and a year for innovation and new ideas.  A sense  of rebirth and new beginnings shall rush in at the time of the Chinese New Year  in the early Spring – February 10th which is a Dragon year!  This year will be very auspicious. 

Dragon energy is about harnessing the fire within, utilising your personal power in a positive way to create win win situations. The dragon energy of the earth and cosmos has been rising since at least the beginning of last year is becoming more powerful as the meridian lines – dragon lines of the Earth are activated and this energy rises to protect the Divine Feminine energies as they anchor within the Earth and our Souls.   For so long this myth or legend has prevailed and it is no myth but a story or narrative that has long been lodged within our DNA soul memory that the dragons protect the maidens.  Those of you who are particularly attuned to the dragon energies will feel this immensely this year, perhaps changing direction in life and finding new and courageous priorities to focus upon as you step up to act out the strength and protection for the love of the true human angel in all the many splendid and creative ways you can.   

Again the energy of community comes in.  Common Unity with those around you.  People all doing their best at what they do best and pooling resources and ideas.  You will be deepening your connections to people of your Soul Family and Soul Tribe whom are, rarely members of your own blood family.  Having said that the work we do within our families in the sense of deep healing is a priority as we continue to send love and healing through the family lines to the ancestors and as such we receive and integrate their great wisdom that is a part of the beautiful unfolding story of love on Earth. 

We all would like to feel more peace in our hearts and as we unlock and flow with the true ascension energies which enable us to discover our own magic, we shift our perspective on our lives and embrace the nurturing compassion we find within the true desire of the heart – so peace is found. 

For now :

  • Be still and contemplate all you are at this starting point of the year.
  • Be calm and peaceful within
  • Know that what is meant for you in this year of alignment will not pass you by
  • Be ready within the deep void stillness of your Soul for accelerated spiritual growth and change
  • Manifestation follows frequency, thought, feeling always.
  • Be still and in gratitude for all you are and all those in your immediate sphere of connection for you are all part of this Divine Heaven and Earth integration this year.  And through this the great expansion of LOVE ripples onwards infinitely.

Blessings, Rhosalaria

I offer Soul Guidance Readings upon your own unique journey here including impressions from the Akashic Records that help us deepen our insights upon our blocks here and how we may integrate the shadows they create upon our Soul’s timeline. 

Pellowah energy healing and Pellowah energy attunements offer us a tremendous tool to shift our perspective, realign to our higher self and our mission here without the trauma and drama.