Learn Soul Mediumship

The art of Soul Mediumship is purely a calling to your service of love.

Soul Mediumship Weekend 12th/13th November – Ramsdell, Nr Tadley, Hampshire and 18th/19th February 2023 at the Malindi Centre, Carmarthenshire.

A Fantastic Insightful Weekend Opportunity Soul Mediumship is the Art of giving Soul back to Soul

On this weekend of group learning you will :

  • Learn how to access the Akashic Records and what this means
  • Learn to channel from Source upon yourself and others
  • Learn the difference between psychic mediumship and soul mediumship
  • Deepen your connection to Source
  • Understand the meaning of Soul RNA/DNA
  • Understand and apply Light Codes and Light Rays
  • Understand the simple principle Truth of Soul energy and infinite connection.

A certificate on completion and manual is given.  Vegan lunch and snacks are provided.

What others say about this course :
‘I’ve got a much deeper understanding of Soul Mediumship now having done this course’ – Helen
‘Thank you for a wonderful insightful Akashic records and soul mediumship course.  You are a fantastic teacher and host.’ – Jackie
‘The experience was far more than I could ever have imagined.  Thank you.’ – Hope
‘I have really become fascinated with Soul Mediumship work. I have enjoyed the course and particularly learning from your experience Rhosalaria. You light up this amazing essential subject for anyone wanting to deepen their understanding of the reason why we are here on Earth at this time and how our own unique pathway has come about. 
There is much to learn here about our starseed, the healing power of self love and extending that to the love of others. 
I highly recommend this Soul Mediumship interactive course with Rhosalaria.’ – Julia A, UK


Soul Mediumship Workshop