Pellowah Healing

Pellowah Healing Technique was channelled in 2003 by Kachina Ma’an in Australia.  It is an amazing gift to be part of the first wave of practitioners in Pellowah healing here in the UK.

Pellowah energy comes directly from Source.  The name Pellowah is an angelic word which means ‘radical shift in consciousness’.   This unique healing energy connects all 12 strands of DNA ready for activation, unblocking and realigning all meridians within the body giving a feeling of connection and well-being.  If you are feeling stuck, Pellowah will help you to find clarity and focussing on your mission forwards and strengthening your boundaries.

Pellowah Healing does in fact shift our consciousness immensely.  Pellowah Healing Technique was channelled to help us shift to greater consciousness and the healing that it brings is in fact a secondary gift to its original intention, as we become lighter and more connected in our consciousness, spontaneous healing follows naturally.   Pellowah changes us from the inside out.  It helps us to change and grow without the trauma, as our old framework of being and feeling begins to disintegrate and the new framework of ‘connection to the Light’ takes place.  We begin to be naturally less involved with our old dramas and those of other people – in this way we are not only changing from the inside out, but we become truly empowered with clarity and Light upon our own path.  Pellowah links the spiritual and mind aspects strongly so that we become more aware of our purpose and pathway and in full understanding of what action we need to take.

Pellowah Healing will:

  • offer you clarity and insight on your life’s mission

  • offer you more focus on your pathway

  • strengthen your boundaries

  • help you understand and release old thought patterns that create struggle, trauma and dis-ease

  • reconnect you to Light and give you a greater sense of Joy

  • unblock meridian pathways

  • reconnect 12 strands of DNA for re-activation to the Light

  • help you take on that radical shift in consciousness

Through receiving Pellowah we see our own destiny so much more clearly and we learn to ‘love with wisdom’.  That is we become naturally discerning about that which we engage with and that which we leave behind.  Pellowah helps you to see clearly the horizon of your own unique path and destiny here in this life and helps you simplify your life in order to achieve that which you have come here to accomplish.
A Pellowah healing session will last 45 minutes to 1 hour although subsequent sessions may be a little shorter depending on how often you receive them.  One session may be all you need to set you on your path ahead with clarity or you may need more – the choice is yours entirely – its your journey.
A healing can be done in ‘real time’ via distance or as a one to one session.
Pellowah and Soul Readings go very well together – receiving the soul reading first is good and followed by Pellowah – you will experience a greater degree of clarity and recognition of your Soul and your pathway.  Since following a Soul Reading a doorway is opened up to greater understanding – like a portal to your Soul and in this way, many will find they have even more questions that need to be answered.  Pellowah helps to clarify that which is of real importance for your Soul’s journey now in a way that you will understand it for YOU.
Here’s what people have said on receiving Pellowah Healing:
‘For some reason prior to my session I had felt anxious, emotional and a little tearful.  As I approached my session time a calm descended and I felt settled.  A blanket of love and warmth enveloped me and I felt safe.  I felt strong sensations in my third eye but nothing was unpleasant.  I felt a deep sense of relaxation but at times thoughts and images drifted in and out but did not feel invasive at all.  I also saw colours, my hands tingled and it all felt gentle and peaceful.  Now I feel deeply serene and peaceful in my own company, my energy levels are refreshed and I feel hopeful and supported.  I wanted to be released from old patterns that tie me, make me feel stuck and lack clarity.  Pellowah found me and it feels that this healing has lovingly set about a beautiful shift.’ – Jacqueline, UK
‘I had Pellowah distant healing with Rhosalaria couple of weeks ago when I was on the cross road in my life and needed a bit of clarity about my next step.
The healing was very powerful and I got guidance on what needs changing in my life to move forward, which gave me the support and clarity on which road to take. My third eye was really buzzing, I was getting clear images and what to do and my energy and inspiration really increased.
Rhosalaria has gentle, yet powerful energy and she holds the space gracefully for you to do your inner work. If you are stuck or need some clarity in your life, I highly recommend Pellowah healing with Rhosalaria.’ – Monika, UK
‘Since Pellowah I have a greater awareness of divine Light and experienced an immediate feeling of increased consciousness.  My reality of truth is redefined with greater clarity.  My own personal boundaries are strengthened now and I feel less inclined to engage with negative projections from others.’ – Gregory, UK
‘I have experienced a huge shift in my reality since Pellowah.  It’s amazing!  I can see so clearly now my goals and path ahead with a real zest for life and getting there!  As time goes on my whole energy seems to be changing for the better with a really positive outlook.’ – Rita, UK
‘The Pellowah healing was very cleansing and relaxing. I felt it was working on a fine tuned energetic level which was both subtle and deep. It brought alignment, clarity and realisations and enabled me to focus on my next steps. Thank you so much for the lovely healing. I am excited to see what will manifest with the powers of Pellowah. ‘Much Love, Pia, Sweden
 ‘I did not know anything about it so didn’t know what to expect. When the healing started I was feeling anxious about one or two things but I quickly drifted away to another place – silent and peaceful. After the session I felt so soporific – totally calm and relaxed’ – mollie, Glastonbury UK
‘While having pellowah healing I’ve felt the gentle yet powerful energy that helped me get clarity on what I was thinking and feeling by putting them in perspective. My body relaxed completely and I had a great sleep. Thank you Rhosalaria for holding such a nurturing and supportive space for me xxx’ – Diana, UK
 ‘I just wanted to thank you for the session & give a little feedback.  I was definitely conscious for most or all of the hour,  ,deeply relaxed, like in that space between worlds, that can be felt ‘twixt wake & sleep . Nicely relaxed & aware of my body, in a good way, primarily around my heart,  It felt good.   very warm & self-nourishing..  hanging out in a fuzzy limbo, heart place.  At some point I fell asleep, something I never normally do , after initially waking up, even if I am tired & might want to. I then awoke feeling very rested & peaceful & grounded, this stayed with me all day,   as i eased into having a productive day, but without going into ‘busy mode’.    I was writing to my friend about this sense of both expanding, whilst also being stripped to the core, that place where where that sleeping/ now waking Lion lies. ‘ – Nick, USA
Rhosalaria says: ‘I have practised many modalities of healing over more than 30 years and never have I come across any healing that offers such transformation.  I love it so much and to see and feel how others change is truly a divine gift of absolute Joy.’

You may book a Pellowah session by distance or one to one by contacting me here.    

or book a session with me at Boarsbridge Therapy Centre, Little London RG26 5EY

You may choose a Pellowah session or a Soul Reading also – the choice is yours.

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