My Journey

Here’s a little sharing about my own journey and what brought me to create Heart and Soul Horizons.

The baseline emotion of humanity is grief.  We perceive ourselves as separate beings and spend a lifetime trying to be successful, independent and individual.  We have got it so wrong.  Beneath grief, that which we experience as being separate from Source, is a sense of abandonment and rejection, emotions which fill many of our lives and we are forever trying to fill that void space which often leads to addictions in many forms and/or the over or under inflated ego of the wounded child-mind.  We are all children of the Light and as such we need to perceptibly reconnect ourselves to Source and to each other in Love, Joy, Peace and Harmony.  Remember Source Love never leaves us, we are always and in all ways inextricably a part of Source.  Separation is our own 3D construct and perception.  Expansion is the 5D reality.

I have spent all my adult life as a Therapist, Healer and as a Teacher of many healing modalities.  In 2016 I spontaneously began downloading information in channel. I was very wary of this awakening but went along with the downloads and this particular source of channel remained very strong for two days solid – and then remained as an integral part of my Soul’s awareness. I sensed that a connection was made which was there to comfort me in some way and give me greater understanding of who I am.   Five days later my step son collapsed with a brain tumour and my husband and I spent nine very painful months watching him get weaker and slowly pass away from this Earth dimension.

When we witness death it’s both sad and joyful.  Sad, as we witness and feel the pain of loss and grief but also the joy of knowing that the Soul lives on and is ever present either in body, in being or as part of the great Cosmos.
Grief is strong and transforms us deeply.  It takes us back to that original perceived wounding of separation and the only sustenance is the Light, is Love.
My own spiritual connections have always been strong, at times in my life more so, but at the point of my step sons passing they were immense.  When we are in  strong alignment with Source, magical things begin to happen.
The first for me was in meeting an old Soul  whom I instantly recognised as a Soul connection.  We were both workshop leaders at a Spiritual Event.  Through a sound transmission I learned my Soul name – Rhosalaria, Lady of the rose pink Light.
A doorway opened.  I  began to channel loads and wrote pages down.

Early in 2018 I rediscovered the gift of Soul Mediumship, studied and gained a certificate of practice for this and my work as a Soul Medium opened up a new pathway and strengthened my vision.  I felt that I had come full circle in my learning.  I first visited mediumship thirty years ago in my 20’s.
I found Pellowah Healing, again through many syncronicitous events.  I have been teaching Crystal Healing for the past ten years which I love – crystals are a manifestation of Light on Earth and crystal healing is one of only two healing modalities which can accompany Pellowah at the same time!  In taking Pellowah I have realised that my healing tagline ‘helping you be the best you can be’, can so readily be actualised through Soul Readings and Pellowah.
This is truly my Service of Love to you and if I never do anything else in my life than this – I shall be happy, fulfilled and joyful always and forever.  – Rhosalaria,  Updated August 2020.