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Everyone loves a little retail therapy from time to time.

Here some offers of Love from me to you – my published books and seasonal soul readings


The Crystal Soul Priestess
A Crystalline Ascension Journey

‘A gem of a book and I’m not aware of any others quite like it. It was very easy to read even though it was in depth, I could quickly read it as I was so interested. One for all crystal lovers or those wanting to delve deeper in understanding our connection to the universe. Insightful channellings.’ – E. Redding

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My new book for children and adults alike –

The Silver Stag Reindeer – A Tale for Ioan

Front cover of The Silver Stag Reindeer

This little story was inspired on a Christmas Eve and was written for my grandson.  Now published on Amazon .  It’s the story of a young boy whose love of the natural world leads him on a midwinter’s adventure and an animal encounter.  A Shamanic tale of excitement, inspiration and delight.

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Special Seasonal Soul Reading Offers –  Your Guide to 2024 – just two weeks to get yours!  Offer closes 31st January.

Seasonal 2024 Soul Guidance Readings are open from November 5th here now until January 31st 2024 – Channelled personal readings from Source and the Akasha – this is an energetic guide to your year ahead.  – 55 GBP – received as an email report.

These are my special readings that include a personal guidance to your energy forecast for the year ahead.

In 2024 which in numerology adds to 8 we are expecting a perfect mirroring of heaven and earth.  This means that we are all being encouraged to come into alignment with our Higher Divine Self.  For this year I will also include a channel received for the collective year ahead too.
What others say : ‘I can feel the changes and that is easier now, everything is opening up to happier things.’ – P. Finland
Thank you so much for the reading.   There is so much to take in.  I’m excited about all the possibilities, it all sounds so positive.’ – Leanne, UK
‘Just finished reading it through, there’s so much detail in it.  I’m immensely grateful and full of hope.’ – Debbie, UK
‘Thank you for my annual Soul Reading for 2024.  I have just through it again, I find the reading very inspirational and correct for how i am feeling, planning and moving forwards this year.  Thank you so much.’  – Helen, UK
‘Thank you so much, that’s so perfect and makes so much sense.  This means so much to me and a confirmation too of cycles ending.  Thank you, feel happy but tearful joy now.’ – Alison, UK

Seasonal Channelled Readings

Disclaimer – ‘All readings are given with the recipients full permission and Rhosalaria takes no responsibility for how the information is received by the recipient or used forthwith.  All recipients are responsible for their steps forwards, decisions and actions taken.  November 2023’