Changing Times

We are in the midst of a huge wave of change

That will elevate us up into a higher dimensional spiral of ascension energies bringing us ever closer to a paradigm of energy rather than material.

Negotiating these huge changes is tricky to say the least and we are being guided to let go big time!  Letting go of all we have held on to for so long is essential as we waiver between energy realities.

We are approaching the threshold of a New reality.  There is no fear, no aloneness for we truly are all One with love.  We take with us all the positive wisdoms we have gathered through lifetimes.  The multidimensional nature of the Soul is lifted up so we may soar higher into the dimensions of expansive Light and Unconditional love.  All is healed.  All is Love.
Within the huge energy shifts we are experiencing now, we are guided to surround ourselves as much as possible amongst the green vibration of Mother Earth.  For it is when we allow a sense of openness through the heart, to allow Her to support us and anchor all we are as we surrender to the changes, that we may feel that deepest sense of love and nurture, connection and peace that so often feels lacking in our world.
As we anchor our energies through Divine Mother, so we are able to see more clearly with love our intentions for the future.  To be open to hear the voice of wisdom within, the whisperings of the Soul.  Thus we come into alignment and clarity prevails.  We feel strong and supported within and without.  Clarity upon the past gives a sense of ease as we let go of the old thoughts, beliefs, patterns and ways that no longer serve.

Last week I channelled a message of Love from the Council of Light

‘As hueman souls many of you have stepped through the portal of trust in these past few weeks.  For it is trust that moves you onwards and upwards in your energy frequency.  Trusting in the divine sentience within is leading you now into the higher elevations of love.  You are still, as yet, not fully ready to truly understand the meaning of unconditional love, but you are almost there.

Through forgiveness of yourself and others, thus shall you come into alignment of the true cosmic higher love frequency.   These next few weeks shall be hard as so much dross shall rise to the surface and you shall need to be fully in your heart frequency so as not to be caught up in the fall out.

This is a time for which you were born.  You are, as individuals responsible for all the transformation and change happening now.  Remember that you are co-creating  manifesting through the Earth energies and the cosmic energies.  You hold within your DNA the blueprint for this time of change.  It is encoded within you and always has been.

Go gently with courage and love at your core.  We applaud you, we are with you always.  For we have been holding this blueprint with you and for you for eons of your time.

We are sending waves of love, light and power to help transform and hold you upon this immense journey now.

Let go of all that has held you in the illusions of ‘safety’.  For whence you let go, you are free to feel the immense love frequency that is ever creating.  Fear not that you shall be alone, no, with immense joy you shall realise and feel the great cosmic flow of connection that has existed since the beginning of time.  Be close to the Earth, for She is the living Being that shall hold you in true safety.

For all those who ever felt that they were free from belonging, you shall feel welcome, held  in all you are.  For, dear Ones, we are the Council of Light  the confederation of Galactic Beings to whom you ultimately belong  and we send you our blessings of love now.’

Peace –

Given through Rhosalaria,  ⚘

As we begin the week approaching the full moon lunar eclipse on Friday and the Samhain energies, let us embrace all the loving support available through Divine connection daily , and as we connect with each other, may the love, gratitude and grace ripple outwards to create a better world for all.

During these changing times it is always a gift to oneself to hear what the Soul has to give us.  It is my greatest and most sacred gift to offer you Soul Guidance Readings channelled from Source and the Akasha.  If you would like a reading, please contact me here.  

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With blessings,