Change and Solstice Energies Rising



Another sunset picture taken on Saturday evening on the Hampshire Downs.

Sunsets are a sacred time and opportunity to give gratitude for the day, for all that has been, knowing that the sun shall rise beautifully once more offering us a New Dawn.

As we reach this turning point in the ascension journey of huemanity and begin to embody the creation and frequencies of New Earth, we are energetically and spiritually in the process of transfiguration.

So it is right now for many of us.  We are shifting into higher frequencies as we embody the multidimensional soul self and all that resonates within the wonderful Angelic blueprint of the Soul.

For as the notional ‘timelines’ of our Soul’s reality begin to collapse, we are becoming One in Unity with all we have ever been.  That being said, we may find an increased resonance to certain aspects of our ‘past lives’ which appear to come out of the blue.  We may also be feeling as though increasingly, we do not recognise ourselves at all – we are morphing into the true state of alignment within our Souls blueprint to embody aspects of our own Truth that we may not have previously seen.  In other words, as we become more aligned with ‘who we truly are’, the Truth of who we are is slowly being revealed in all its Light and Glory.

We are perhaps at this time, awaiting a turning point, a change in direction as true Soul embodiment takes place.  This is the transfiguration of the Hueman Soul that we came to experience and be part of.   There may be sparkles of promise, of innovations, hunches, new ideas on the horizon.  Yet still we must be patiently waiting, doing the groundwork and healing.

Being compassionate towards ourselves is key.  Showing up for ourselves with loving kindness is what is needed, as well as patience and deep reverence for Earth and Sky.  There may be many choices ahead and we must be anchored and grounded within the healed self so we choose positively.  Choosing from the subconscious wounded self may lead us around in circles.

At this time, the old world is being shaken off in all aspects of our reality.  There may well be shock revelations for you on a personal level as old relationships begin to crack and reveal the truth you were blind to in the past.  There may be big changes in work situations, where your own resonant Truth no longer sits  well within the workplace – you may be feeling that a big change is necessary.  What is it that you have always dreamed of doing?  Now is the time to really step into that which emerges from your heartfelt desires.  That which is the true inspiration from the absolute core of your being.

When you feel such misalignments – be free from feeling that you must be wrong, this is not a time for the old conditioning of ‘ought to,’ ‘shoulds’ and ‘should nots’.  These feelings arise from the false ego.  The sense of self that is misaligned with the Soul blueprint through the conditioning of your upbringing, cultural influences, ancestral baggage and all the trauma/drama that you may be carrying.  Whence these self judgements arise:

  • feel into your heart space and breathe deeply

  • place one hand on your heart and one hand on your solar plexus

  • breathe deep and allow all judgements to be let go from the solar plexus through your out breath.

  • whence you feel a new glowing energy within the solar plexus, breathe that energy up into the heart – see this energy rise as an olive green Light or golden energy.

  • reach up with your arms, extending upwards to open out the chest and breathe in new light into your heart space.

  • bring your hands into a prayer position in front of your heart.

  • know that from this point you are in alignment with your true higher heart self.

  • see the heart glowing with renewed energy

In truth, we have never before experienced such transformational times within our Soul’s story, but we came to feel it all and this is what we must remember.  As we move through these transitions we may experience many kinds of physical pains and adjustments especially within the root chakra area of the hips and legs, as the root chakra energy adjusts to assimilate more Light.  Neck pain is also another symptom as we are literally aligning the spine to allow more Light through the body temple itself.

Eating Light and nourishing plant foods is the way forward so as not to overload the body with too much ‘heaviness’.  That being said, for sure at times you may feel the need to load up on carbs simply to anchor yourself down.  A tip here is using the superfoods shilajit and maca.

Shilajit is literally ancient himalayan mud – earthy, grounding and spiritual.  Shilajit contains all the ancient wisdom of the Earth and Her journey as these great mountains rose up from the oceans.  Add a pea sized amount of past to smoothies and in raw chocolate preparations or salad dressings.

Maca is very grounding as it is a root vegetable found in Peru.  The powdered form which tastes pleasantly malty is great for adding to smoothies, raw sweets, etc.  Maca really helps us build new foundations.  As a natural adaptogen it will offer us what we need in times of change.  Begin with a half to one whole teaspoon and build up to a tablespoon.

As we approach the Solstice Portal – we reach a peak of energy in the year – we experience the Yang Heaven energies that are increadibly energetic.  In order to support these energies macrobiotically, we need more liquid.  Water and Yin energies are supportive in miso soups, teas, lemon water, tofu, beans and light vegetables such as courgettes and cucumbers which contain much water.  These watery cooling elements help to ‘take the heat’ off the processes we are energetically experiencing in mind body and soul.

Trust in your core values. Who you are and your mission here.  Trust in the Divine timing of the universe as the sun rises in your heart. 🧡💛🙏

With sunshine blessings,  Rhosalaria ⚘🧡

If you would like more support with your diet, Rhosalaria is a trained Macrobiotic Cook and Health/lifestyle coach as well as a trained Raw Food Chef.

Receiving the support of Energy Healing at this time is also extremely valuable.  Rhosalaria offers one to one and distance healing sessions of

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