Sovereignty – what it means to be true to yourself

Be your sovereign self

Are you Queen/King of yourself? 

What is this word sovereignty that we hear so often especially in the spiritual world?  What does it mean to be sovereign?
Before we get into that, we must understand that we are not separate from Source/Creator.  We are Divine Beings as an infinite hologram of Source and the illusion of separation is just that . . .illusion.  
We are therefore on a pathway of realisation and enlightenment that brings our awareness and consciousness back to Source.  This pathway is one that belongs to the whole of humankind.  It is free from being something we choose.  We are told that we have free will and yes, to a certain extent we perceive that we have the free will to choose what we do next – however, the pathway of enlightenment is one that we all chose to be part of before our souls came into being here.  
The fact is that for many of us Souls here now, we are still living out the patterns of the conditionings that have been placed into our DNA memory through ‘past lives’ and it is a task in this lifetime to unravel those conditioned thoughts and beliefs that create the ‘false ego self’ and to activate the 12 stranded version of DNA within the Soul so that the true blueprint or RNA of the Soul can be read correctly and in its complete Divine fullness.
Is this Sovereignty?  When we achieve true enlightenment, which means we have done the inner work, addressed all the conditionings of the past, and past lives, we are ready for the 12 strands of DNA to be activated and therefore able to step into our true Soul’s Light.  But sovereignty is something that we can do and be now.  The activations of Light are happening hugely now from week to week.  Massive downpourings of Light are coming onto the planet through Light Codes and we are absorbing and being the channels and portals for that Light on Earth.  
We may also realise more of who we are, enter into the divine sovereign self through our dreams.  Dreamtime is the seed of the divine conscious self.  It is through our dreams that we may realise that which is fear and that which is truth.  Our consciousness works through our dreams to bring awareness to our sovereignty in readiness for the Light Activations we are receiving now.
As we receive more Light, we become more aware and conscious.  What used to be right for us suddenly becomes not right for us.  We look around us and see the chaos and then we can choose.  To disconnect from engaging in the chaos or to feed it with fear.  
Being sovereign means that we choose each day, from moment to moment, breath by breath what feels right to us from the Light of our Soul.  
It may mean that we walk away from relationships and circumstances that no longer resonate with what we truly believe and the conscious Light of our own wisdom.  The process of such enlightenment may bring tears of sadness and joy – and as we move through this time, we learn that as we let go and truly embody our Sovereignty we are flowing with the Universe and the Divine Love of Source/Creator.  
New doors open for us.  New opportunities show up as we attract the energetic match to the resonance that we are radiating.  Offering us the chance to manifest through right/conscious thought and action.  Instant manifestation is the reality of the Sovereign Soul Being within the higher dimensions.  As it is, so it shall be.  
At this time of the New Moon in Taurus on 30th April and a partial Soular Eclipse, we are being offered a portal to let go of what is free from serving our Sovereignty.  To disengage and to step into our own power.  Be true to yourself dear Sovereign Beings of Light.  If you are reading this – you are are on the path of sovereignty.  
With blessings, Rhosalaria 

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