Angelic Reiki Levels 1 and 2 - 3rd, 4th, 5th June - Ramsdell, Tadley, Hampshire

Angelic Reiki is amazing and truly life-changing and joyful!
Angelic Reiki is one of the most profound keys to our awakening consciousness.
The angelic kingdom of light is here to help humanity awaken to consciousness and make a conscious shift in our reality.
Angelic reiki attunements will set you forwards on your own self healing path of transformation and offers you a most beautiful, powerful but gentle healing modality to share with others.
You will receive 2 attunements –
Learn how to prepare your space for healing practice, invoking angels, protection and intention.
Learn how to give a full angelic reiki session.
You will be blessed by 30 angels of the angelic kingdom.
Learn how angelic reiki came about.
Learn how to send distance healing.
Learn how to give multi-dimensional healing, giving deep healing to the Soul.
Receive practitioner certification and details on becoming a member of the Angelic Reiki Association.
Learning and sharing angelic reiki is always a beautiful, deep and powerful experience.
We begin our journey on Friday at 2pm til 5pm Saturday from 10 til 4.30pm and then Sunday from 10 til 4.30pm.
Please bring with you a Clear Quartz cluster or generator crystal which will journey with you to the Kingdom of Light to be blessed by the Angels and then exclusively become your Angelic Reiki Crystal to accompany your healings.
Vegan/Vegetarian lunches are provided.  Please advise of food intolerances.  
Your investment £252.00
Contact me for information and see below for booking details.  
I am a member of the Angelic Reiki Associationfor more details go to their website 

Read more about my own experiences with the Angels here

Angelic Reiki
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Angelic Reiki Levels 3 and 4 – Master Teacher – 8th, 9th, 10th July – Ramsdell, Tadley, Hants

Are you ready to take the next step on your healing journey with the Angelic Kingdom of Light?

Angelic Reiki levels 3 and 4 deepens the process that has already begun.   These attunements are powerful and help to further clear the pathway upon your ascension journey at this time and deepen your connection to the Angelic Kingdom. In this three day workshop you will:

  • Review your personal and practical experiences following on from levels 1 and 2.
  • receive two further cleansings and attunements which will align you further to your own Angelic Soul blueprint.
  • Learn and practice two advanced Atlantean healing techniques in the Angelic Reiki system
  • Learn how to pass attunements yourself and to create and carry out with integrity an Angelic Reiki workshop
  • Experience the beauty of the Cosmic Meditations
  • Receive the Angelic Attunement within the Kingdom of Light
  • Welcoming into the Angelic Reiki Association if you so wish.

Full manual and certification is given.  Please bring your Angelic Reiki crystal with you.  Vegan/Vegetarian lunches are provided – please advise if you have allergies/food intolerances.

Your investment 450 GBP

Payments Options

Cancellation Policy

All bookings are held with a non-refundable deposit.  If an event is cancelled by me a refund will be given. 

If a group workshop is cancelled due to Covid 19 government regulations the deposit remains non-refundable as unfortunately the decision to cancel is taken out of my hands.  Deposits are not transferable.

All balances should be paid at least one week prior to commencement of the workshop.