Workshops have been disrupted this year by government restrictions.

However, plenty of online courses have been held and are continuing onwards.  The next one being the second running of the Soul Mediumship Course, please see below for details.  

Please see below details of Online and in person Workshops coming up : –


Angelic Reiki Levels 1 and 2
20th to 22nd November

Angelic Reiki is amazing and truly life-changing!
Angelic Reiki is one of the most profound keys to our awakening consciousness.
The angelic kingdom of light is here to help humanity awaken to consciousness and make that conscious shift.
Angelic reiki attunements will set you forwards on your own self healing path of transformation and offers you a most beautiful, powerful but gentle healing modality to share with others.
You will receive 2 attunements
Learn how to prepare your space for healing practice, invoking angels, protection and intention.
Learn how to give a full angelic reiki session.
You will be blessed by 30 angels of the angelic kingdom.
Learn how angelic reiki came about.
Learn how to send distance healing and multi-dimensional healing.
Receive practitioner certification and details on becoming a member of the Angelic Reiki Association.  This course is approved and certified by the Angelic Reiki Association.
Learning and sharing angelic reiki is always a beautiful, deep and powerful experience.
We begin our journey on Friday evening from 6 til 9 pm.
Saturday 10 til 4pm
Sunday 10 til 3.30pm
Your investment £250.00

Payment Plan

Lemurian Sistarhood Circle

Now more than ever it is time for us to step into the original Soul Blueprint of our first incarnation here on Earth/Heart. We have all come with a mission to complete and here Lemurian Sistars I invite you to join me in meditation – bring with you Lemurian Quartz crystal if you have it or create your own grid. The meditation takes place on the full moon and we shall dive deep into our individual and collective remembering to bring forth the Love and Light that is manifesting upon our New Earth.

This meditation takes place on zoom so you will need to download the app. I will post the link to attendees once donation is paid.

Most of these meditations will be live virtual circles but there may be occasions where the meditation will be pre-recorded.  The next sessions till the end of year will be on Wednesday 30th September, 30th October, 30th November and 30th December.

Book Your place by donating 5 GBP below and you’ll receive the link to the meditation and invitation to join the FaceBook group.

Soul Mediumship Course – Now scheduled to start as a weekly online zoom course over 6 weeks beginning 29th September 2020.  Although this is an online course, numbers are limited so I can give you my best attention.  I have 12 spaces only.

Soul Mediumship is a sacred service of Love.  If you are drawn to help others in this way, to be a channel for Source and give soul guidance – please apply by contacting me here.  

Due to the success of this course earlier this year in April I promised another opportunity to take part via zoom again beginning on Tuesday 29th September and will continue onwards for six sessions over six weeks. Each session will be around 1 to 2 hours beginning at 7pm
I am looking for people who are wishing to step up and take on the sacred work and of Soul Mediumship.
Soul Mediumship is a service of love in opening to be the channel for information for yourself and other souls from the Universal heart of the Akasha and from Source.
Soul Mediumship has been part of my service of love for two years and it is one of the most amazing gifts to give another soul being – offering reassurance and soul guidance. Soul Mediumship is not psychic reading. Soul mediumship is given in channel from Source for the Soul in question. Source will always bring through what is meant to be known at the present time for the greatest guidance.

  • The first steps of Soul Mediumship
  • Connecting to Source
  • Exploring the inner planes and multi-dimensions of the Soul
  • How we can actively retrieve and understand the Universal Heart of the Akasha
  • Unique and Experiential 
  • Bring a notebook to write down your reflections
  • On completion you will receive certification.
  • Learn about light codes and light rays
  • Learn my specific healing and ascension codes
  • RNA/DNA of the Soul
  • Learn the principles and ethics of mediumship practice.

Soul Mediumship Workshop

Cancellation Policy

All bookings are held with a non-refundable deposit.  If an online workshop is cancelled by me a refund will be given. 

If a group workshop is cancelled due to Covid 19 government regulations the deposit remains non-refundable as unfortunately the decision to cancel is taken out of my hands.  Deposits are not transferable.

All balances should be paid at least one week prior to commencement of the workshop. 

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