Maitreya Integration Healing

Maitreya Integration Healing

    This beautiful healing modality has been channelled in order to help hue-manity integrate higher ascension energies as we move through the bottleneck of 4th dimension into 5th dimensional frequencies and beyond.

At this time, we feel the immense impact that the downloads of Light codes are impacting.  Ascension is a process into which we need to trust and flow.  When we open to the essences of Divine peace, divine desire and divine joy we are free from fear.  However, as we move through this process it’s easy to become overwhelmed by negativity.
2020 is and continues to be a year of self definition and of expansion.  This healing was channelled from Source via Archangel Metatron at the end of April 2020 as a gift to us all, incorporating the essential component of this healing modality which are the three ascension keys.  The keys open the doors to integration of divine self, releasing the encoded programming of fear to allow true peace, love and joy within and without.
  • The key of Divine Peace – peace within the sense of higher frequency reality.  Peace that resides at the centre of each living being within the Universe, Peace which lies between all things and which arises from and exists within the void of creation.
  • The Key of Desire – Desire in a higher frequency sense which is activated within the opening of the heart chakra and expanding the portal of communication between the hue-man self and the divine self as Divine Mother Source.  Desire, free from self-centredness, desire is the need to connect, integrate and become One with Divine Source energy.  
  • The Key of Freedom Joy – in the higher frequency sense of rootedness and connection to Earth within the natural state of ecstasy and freedom to BE and manifest our Divine Light on Earth. 
What does Maitreya Integration Healing mean?
The healing has been given from Source via Archangel Metatron whom was incarnate upon the Earth as Enoch.  Metatron is concerned with building New Earth.  This was given as part  for opening the heart to the true Desire to be conscious and to integrate with Source in the hue-man sense.  The Light Ray is a healing blue ray which is the missing Shekinah Divine Feminine Healing Ray.
‘Maitreya’ is the name given to the ascended golden Buddha.  We can also understand this energy integration as the energy of Christ Consciousness.  However the healing modality is free from being attached or part of any secular belief system.  It is simply a means of integrating Bliss.
‘Integration Healing’ is simply as it is given.  We are all here to become whole (heal) and integrate our hue-man self with divine self.  This is our mission here on Earth at this time.  

This healing modality has been given simply as a means of assisting ascension energies and integrating them into the crystalline matrix of our Light Being.  The Healing Energy and Ascension Keys help us to be clear on our intentions, our mission here and the subtle shift into Bliss within the Oneness of the I am Presence.      

What does it feel like?

Many people feel quite sleepy after a session and need to rest.  Some people find that they have renewed energy!  
A session takes between 30 minutes but you need to allow 45 minutes to an hour to fully enjoy and absorb the healing.  It is given distantly or in a one to one session and is done purely through the energy field (aura).

What do other people say about this healing:

‘On receiving the healing for the first time, I experienced  a very deep sense of peace. I felt a profound shift in my energy.’ – Greg, UK
‘Thank you so much for to a truly beautiful, uplifting, and deep healing experience, which seemed to reach deeply into my soul programming to help me open to the changes of the arriving energies. Through the last month, I have been working on deep healing of difficult issues as part of the transitions of this time, and I had reached a bottleneck that I just couldn’t seem to move through, feeling like I was having difficulty moving through old patterns that had been rooted in deep trauma and lightening my mood. Feeling low and tired, I had been speaking to my guides during meditation to request help with this, and then this opportunity to work with Rhosalaria arrived…! The healing first began with a sense of very gentle pulsations across my body, and then a flow of energy began in earnest with a fresh, tickling sensation of white/blue light at the crown of my head and a feeling of nurturing, warm hands around my head providing loving support. I caught a glimpse of three angels/guides, and they said ‘yes, we are here’ – I could see them wearing beautiful colours, red, burgundy, orange, turquoise. The warmth and deepening pulsation grew, becoming stronger, then weaving a beautiful pattern progressively down through each of my energy centres: crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, womb, and root. I could see this movement visually as a silver and white vine that wove sweetly down into my body, bringing refreshing energy, integration, and release down my spine. In my solar plexus, I could also see a re-weaving or re-sewing of an energetic connection that had been cut by recent trauma. Simultaneously, I had the sense of a flow of bright energy into my ‘soul blueprints’ for this life, like a river, rainbow, or gentle waterfall of light at a level that it was more difficult for me to perceive visually while being so rooted in my body at that moment. I could feel this energy soaking into the programming and soil of my soul, and sometimes the healing information would pop into my vision as a glimpse of an image, maybe even as a thread of embedded thought changing its place in the overall tapestry. I saw the faces of a helper spirit or two and images that related to parts of my spiritual path that I had especially been directing my attention to recently. This was a little bit like welcoming a refreshing of my programming, like defragmenting a tired computer after a challenging install, and I could feel heaviness start to fall away. This work continued beautifully on different levels for the duration of the healing, but after the session was completed, I continued to feel changes taking place: I started to perceive a beautiful sweetness in the energy flowing through my body, pulsing through as waves of sweet blessing that lasted throughout the rest of the afternoon. I feel the overall impact of the healing is that it is helping me on my journey towards ‘turning the corner’ and blossoming up out of the soil during the challenges of this ascension time, and I am sure I will continue to feel the effects for the weeks and months to come as I realise more and more alignment with my soul intentions and programming. Thank you so much for this amazing experience! Blessed be xxxx’ – Anneli
‘I was blessed to have followed Rhosalaria  for a few years now. A few weeks ago I was also grateful to have received Maitreya Integration Healing. It was like no other healing I have had in the past. The only words I can use to express the healing I received was like being connected up to a very subtle power station. I felt constant energy of what I can best describe as electrical waves. The healing also excelled into the following weeks and one of the main things I can see a big improvement on is my mind is clearer, more able to focus. It is very hard to express all the benefits I have experienced from this healing, but safe to say, I will be coming back to Rhosalaria very soon. Thank you so much, this healing is a gift and I am very grateful. Much love Jane, UK
”My foot was swollen and after the healing it went down.  During the healing I saw swirls of red energy and almost fell asleep.  Very euphoric.  I slept really well that night.’ – Serena, UK
‘The healing helped me relax and let go.  In the days following a few things which needed to happen began to manifest and shift.’ – Nate, UK
‘The healing was so blissful.  I fell into a deep slumber.  Afterwards I felt peaceful and bright.  Beautiful.  Thank you.’  – Jackie, UK
‘During the healing, I experienced a deep but peaceful heaviness and lots of tingles starting with my lower legs and moving up my body. Initially I was commentating in my mind everything I was feeling and seeing but then just surrendered into the peace. Now that I am processing the healing, I feel like a new woman, totally in the present moment and deeply peaceful. Looking forward to seeing the benefits this healing now brings to me and my daily life. Thank you Rhosalaria, for the beautiful healing. ‘- Helen B – UK
‘I felt the healing energy building up and then pouring in through my heart.  I felt a pressure, almost overwhelming and when I surrendered the energy was just flowing out and I felt a sense of expansion.  Heavy, calm, peaceful, protected and as if observing what was happening from afar.  I saw a number of visuals that gave me insights.’ – Gwen
‘The healing feels very different from other healings I have had.  I felt an enormous surge of energy and was very energetic all day afterwards getting lots done.  Lots of very buzzy energy, thank you.’ – Rosalia

The time for Hue-man expansion into the full expression of Light and Sovereignty is Now


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