Solar Eclipse 2024

The Total Solar Eclipse of 2024 has been immense!

For many people around the globe and particularly over the US, where the eclipse was visible, the experience has been amazing.

There are those however, who say that the Solar Eclipse is just a natural event – which, of course it is – but all natural events have a reaction as and when they occur, since we are all beings of consciousness living within a Cosmos of consciousness.  We are connected through energy and through the sentience of Source.

Prior to the Eclipse I checked in with my higher Divine Andromedan guides who clearly stated that upon the Soular Eclipse at 19.17 BST 8th April, the Earth and the Cosmic energies will co-create a sacred opportunity for our ascension blueprint.  As the Eclipse occurs, the Light codes of the Divine hueman descend to Earth to be anchored to the Earth through our bodies.  At the same time the so called devil or dragon tailed Pons Brook comet shall pass over the Earth to activate these Light codes.  This is simply put, an opportunity of mass awakening consciousness.
We are therefore asked to be still in prayer, mantra or meditation to be fully open to receive such gifts of the cosmos.  Whatever your starseed origin, there are many Galactic beings who are guiding us and overseeing this positive transmission of transformative energy.  You may well feel their presence.
Furthermore this is the opportunity for full commitment to your Souls path and mission here.  To take full responsibility for all that has transpired thus far in your life and to know you are a magical hueman being taking on the mantle of your Divine Angelic blueprint now.  More on this later.
The coming days and weeks to the 18th May will be a time to integrate much of this Light essence so we may be ready to co-create our future together.
There is much more to say but simply to be within your heart with the open innocence of the child within, to release all stories, narratives and expectations is clear.   Be free from judgement or fear, and in full allowance of your own higher Divine self.  ✨
These are exciting times to be here and experience such amazing cosmic gifts.   🙌
As we are crystalline beings becoming, Crystal frequency works through the water of our bodies.
Water is a conductor of energy.
Water holds frequency and energy vibration.
Therefore as the veil thins at the time of the full soular new moon eclipse, 19.17 UK,  be by yourself, feet on the Earth, humming helps you to connect to the Earth.  The transmission is 4.5 minutes. Hold water, be by water or hold your favourite clear quartz crystal in your hands.
The reverberation of this cosmic spell for the freedom of huemanity will be felt around the Earth even in places where the Eclipse cannot be seen.
Be open and accepting without fear to the higher flame seed of your inner Divine Light.  💖
We are One.  Unity, clarity, love consciousness.  🙏🌈💗

Where are we now?  post Soular Eclipse

If you missed the eclipse you will still have received the radiation from the Sun and also be transmitting the changes through your own body, since we are beings of Light and transmission of energy.  The Eclipse energies will be reverberating around the planet for three whole days.  Thereafter follows a 40 day period of assimilation taking us to May 18th.  The eclipse energies will continue to work through us, elevating consciousness and collective conscious awareness which is so much needed as we face the continuing collapse of the old 3D world and systems.  As a collective we stand in unity to co-create a better world with compassion, love and peace.  A turning point has occurred.

What happened during the Eclipse?

As the Sun was eclipsed the ionosphere thinned – this is literally a ‘thinning of the veils’ and the entering into zero point, a space of peace, potential and  – so that the Light Codes of the Divine Hueman Blueprint could enter into the field of Gaia/Earth to be anchored by us onto the Earth, into the Earth Star.  As always, the transmission will have been amplified by the collective coming together of consciousness as we felt the energies.  This, for me was so heart opening and joyful, I literally sat on the wet Earth and cried for Joy.  We all hold within our hearts, the seed of God/Source.  We are, as One with Source, we are the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and end.  The seed has now been activated.

Full commitment to our Path here

This is what the Soular Eclipse is showing us.  That now is the time to step up and into the fullness of your Soul’s essence and Cosmic blueprint.  To complete the mission you came here to do and to be.  This is free from meaning that you need necessarily to make some grand gesture to the world.  For we all take our part in whatever way we are meant to.  Just being present and committed to being love, radiating joy and peace for ourselves and others is the way forwards now.  We agreed to be here at this time – we are so privileged to be part of this ascension.  It has taken lifetimes for us to get to this point – honour yourself and others as we go forwards in our co-creation with love, grace and compassion.  Taking care to ground your energies into your heart is needed and to check in with yourself frequently and feel into what you need for yourself is, as always an essential.  Self love and self care creates love for others in our immediate sphere and expanding.

I am that I am.  The essence of creation.

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With blessings, Rhosalaria

9th April 2024