Soul Readings

There are times when we need illumination and reassurance to help us on our Earth pathway.

Everything we need to know about our Soul’s essence is within us, but as we come into our earthly body, much of that becomes distorted by our experiences through relationships and our environment.  As we pass through the ‘veils of amnesia’ when we are born physically onto the Earth – we often forget who we truly are at a Soul level.  We become disconnected from our Soul’s deep wisdom, our Soul blueprint.
Within the Akashic records of the Universal Heart of Source we may access information about our Soul’s blueprint, soul agreements, soul and life purposes and our connection to all that is.  When we are in discordance with ourselves, out of balance, in difficulty, or just in need of clarity, accessing the Akasha of the soul to realise and re-member who we truly are, placing back the fragments of our mis-alignments and mis-understandings to recreate the perfection in Love and Light we really are in our Soul self, offers a sense of completion, wholeness, understanding and deep healing.  Since we are multi-dimensional beings, we may access our soul in many dimensions  to ‘see’ with true eyes that which Source needs us to know right now to help us.
What is a Soul Reading?
A soul reading is not a psychic reading.  It is free from attachments to outcome – for within the Soul there is no time, past or future only the present moment.  A Soul reading helps illuminate what we are to know by helping us in understanding that which ‘appears’ broken, unknown, un-healed, whilst also helping us to celebrate and embrace the love and perfection of who we truly are.  From a Soul perspective, nothing is ever broken, we are able to access the Akasha in this dimension to help us come into the full wisdom, vision and alignment of our Soul, to help us move through that which we see as a challenge and to learn what we have come to learn upon the Earth.
I am trained as a Soul Medium to channel clearly and directly from Source through me, as me, that which you need to know giving Soul back to Soul.  That which is channelled comes through from Source within the Akasha.  Within the Akasha we may access information on your starseed, dimensional lives here on Earth and the Cosmos.  We may find your Soul’s theme, Soul purpose, your mission through your Soul’s life and that which is manifesting now on Earth.  What comes through is channelled from Source with the fullness of appreciation and love for you as the beautiful Being you are.  It is given in Light, Love and Grace.
You may have specific questions that you wish to find clarity on.  These may be questions involving relationships  or in question about your own individual soul and soul’s path and purpose.  Sometimes healing takes place spontaneously via Light rays, and Light codes that also come through for you – I shall give you knowledge of these and offer you healing and rejuvenation of the Soul’s blueprint as that arises.  I shall include information upon your ‘past lives’, your Soul Family and Soul’s theme.
If you would like a Soul Reading or wish to know more then please contact me .   I shall channel from the Akasha with integrity all that has come through for you at this time.  You can choose to receive the channelling as a detailed email or mp3 recording.  Since crystals are a manifestation of Light and Love on Earth, as you are also, I shall include advise/mentorship on which crystals may support you best for this part of your soul’s journey.  The investment for this service of love is £99 GBP .  There is a paypal button at the end of this page.  Please ask if you wish to pay via BACS
With love and appreciation of all you are in your beautiful Soul – Rhosalaria

Here’s what others have said about Soul Reading sessions channelled through me :

The soul reading that Rhosalaria did resonated for me at a very deep level. It was as if she peered into the very depths of my soul and brought back important nuggets of information that I needed at that point in time to begin to remember my true soul purpose. Her reading was very detailed and full of guidance that was like a soothing balm to my soul. Reading what she had written gave me goosebumps and had happy tears rolling down my cheeks, because it all was given from a place of love and support. Very grateful for having the opportunity to have Rhosalaria do a soul reading for me when it was exactly what I needed. Thank you! – Gloria Rose

‘Thank you so much for my soul reading, it was truly amazing. I didn’t quite know what to expect but it was beyond what I could have imagined. It made me cry and laugh! I definitely have a sense of clarity to who I am now and what my purpose is here and I have such a loving feeling in my body.Even just opening the document I could feel the energy, it was lovely.Really looking forward to our pellowah session tomorrow! ‘- Leonie, UK

‘Long way to go, but I’m working on a new mandala painting incorporating the symbols and imagery from your reading.
Feeling positive in charge and looking forward.
You are some kind of magic, and you help me remember MY magic
Much love, huge respect, many blessings’
Tina xoxo – Australia

‘Rhosalaria’s reading of my Akashic records was a pivotal moment for me in a roller coaster journey. Breathtaking. Utterly amazing. Awe and wonder just flooded in. It has been of immense help for me to be given this esoteric knowledge and with such perfect timing. The reading provides me with the most potent validation and affirmation of all the Divine hierarchy that surrounds us. It has been inspirational for me and a great motivator to pursue my dreams with renewed intent and vigour. I cannot thank Rhosalaria enough and feel very privileged to be given her help at this time.’ – Mark, Portugal

‘After my reading, I slept on what I had received and I was clear on my understanding of it as I woke.  Deep in the core of me I realise that the information is a key to the way I am.  My behaviour, my thoughts and reactions to key issues of myself.  I know that by working with the channelled information I can change my life completely by repairing and healing from old trauma.  In fact, in a separate session I received from Rhosalaria a healing Light Code to help transmute the trauma.  The healing was beautiful.  Hello future happiness, love and peace.’ – Stephen, UK

‘Thank you so much Rhosalaria  for your amazingly accurate reading. It was so positive that it has helped me get back on track and find my direction that I had lost.’ – Cheryl, Scotland

The reading was so much more than I expected, and I’m still seeing and hearing new bits each time I read it! And recognising so much more.
For so much resonated with me my love and I cannot thank you enough for the way in which you delivered this in all it’s beauty and truth.The Huguenot woman and the Cathar ~ good grief that was a remembering, though in all honesty til now I knew so very little of anything about them! It’s shocked me at how vivid the snippets of rememberings are, and I’m sure there is yet more to come through.I was moved to tears Rhosalaria.   Each time I read it.
Deeply moved xxxxx
Thank you so so much beautiful you🙏🏻 What a gift! – Teresa, UK

‘Having a Soul Reading from Rhosalaria was a very affirming experience, not only the words had a deep resonance but the healing and love contained within It has had a profound, positive and lasting effect. Blessed be x’ – Joy, UK 

‘My dearest friend I read this knowing that every word is true ❤indeed, I have had moments of clarity when I have felt such connections with other worlds and other beings. I too know this is my last lifetime here on earth and I yearn for release and the freedom to rejoin the collective, back to the source. I feel such love and compassion for those who are around me.  I have been able to disassociate myself from those who choose to abuse and missunderstand me. My love for J is immense, we are truly amazing together. I have been told by spirit to continue to teach which I will, but at sometime I know I will withdraw from society and spend my time in quiet meditation preparing myself for my journey home.
Blessings to you
Your gift is absolutely remarkable.
Thank you so much for your wonderful inspiring words xxx’ – Edith, UK

‘The part of the reading that says that I come from Planet Arcturus is most amazing: for a start my maternal grandfather (who died before I was born) was called Arturo!!! Then the Arcturian traits completely reflect my personality, it’s like looking at myself in a mirror. The emerald green light and the strong healing energy are spot on as well and become alive for me as Archangel Raphael, who guides and supports me daily in my holistic healing practice.
I am so impressed with the reading that I have now bought the Hilarion equilibrium bottle and quintessence to work closely with this Ascended Master, as he came through in the reading as my strong spiritual influencer. Thanks again for your kind and compassionate reading that is and will help me go deeper in myself and make more sense of it. 😍‘ – Laura, UK

‘Thank you so much… I was literally crying my eyes out through reading this (in a good way).You have confirmed everything I have been seeing I meditations, or dreams and I thought I had been making it all up and telling myself stories as I have a very vivid imagination…. Even down to sirius and the pleiadian Council… And I have recently had a memory of being put into human form from a world where it was all lush and green and like a paradise, in order to help save this earth here, but that was quite a painful memory as I didn’t realise what it would be like being in this form. I was saying only Wednesday to someone that I know I am here to connect people back to nature and that is how we are going to halt the damage to the environment.’   – Anna, UK

‘I recently had a magical Soul Reading with Rhosalaria Gwyneth! I loved the heart and Soul language that came through. As I read the transcript tears fell in recognition and my heart opened with possibility and remembrance � I am so grateful for the gift of Rhosalaria, and the magic that flows through her ���’ – Julie, UK
‘Yesterday, I had a most beautiful, heart opening Soul Reading with Rhosalaria Gwyneth! It felt like my soul was talking to me reminding me my True Power, giving me the support and clarity on my journey ahead. I was filled with Love and Peace. I am eternally grateful to Gwyneth for all her help and assistance. Blessed Be!! – Tulay, UK
‘I had a soul reading that was absolutely wonderful! Very personal and caring message from the Akasha. I had a light code come through that was very interesting! Definitely confirmed some things on my journey. I cannot reccomend enough! Thanks again! ‘- Jennifer B, USA
‘My Akashic Record is a total revelation of what were past incarnation ‘gaps’ from my personal healing connections –  giving new clarity and purpose. A beautiful reunion of my own lost memories of who I am and where I have come from. Thank you’ – D Allen, UK
‘Thank you for channeling again.  I have had a sense of calm since reaching out to you yesterday.  You are a blessing, a true treasure.  Thank you’ – Annette, USA

‘Would highly recommend the Soul Guidance reading and the Maitreya healing to help integrate and heal. Rhosalaria’s readings helped to bring light, hope and healing into my life when I had felt very stuck and confused. It was great to get clarification about where my soul has originated from, its path and how it relates to my life right now. Treat yourself, you won’t regret it.’ – Smita P. – UK

‘Rhosalaria says – I am always in awe of the love that flows through me for you with such grace from Source. Such information which has been given is a doorway to a deeper level of understanding and consciousness for us as individuals and as a collective.   In accessing the Akasha for myself, a deep understanding and acceptance of how lives in other dimensions effect my life now, how patterns play out and my starseed connection to the beautiful heart of the consciousness of Andromeda, which I feel so very deeply within me and which gives that spark of compassion and love to all I create and do.’

Soul Guidance Reading  £99

Soul Reading