Isvara Soul Healing

Isvara image used by permission by Miss Anwen Wheeler (artist)

The Soul is our Sacred Body

It is that sacred Light that carries us to the next life and for many Souls here now unto the Spiritual Sky or heavenly realms.

Whilst we are here on Earth we are here to carry out our dharma – our purpose or mission here.  In these currently challenging times, Isvara Healing is here to help us align to our Soul.  This creates a greater sense of ease in ‘being here’, negotiating the waves of ascension energies, and helps us feel whole and resilient.  Through this healing we may access the higher soul insights that are needed to be known now.  We surrender to our ‘soul self’ and integrate those parts of us that have felt ‘lost’.

Isvara is a Sanskrit word that means ‘power of God’ or ‘light of Source.’

Isvara Soul Healing is here.

Isvara Soul Healing Energy

  • Aligns you to your highest Soul Aspect

  • Helps unlock and integrate the codes and keys of your Higher Divine Self within your heart

  • Assists you on your journey of ascension giving a sense of wholeness and complete love within.

I will be teaching this integrative Energy Healing System on 8th and 9th June at the Malindi Centre in Wales.  The cost for the weekend is 264 gbp.  If you are interested please hit the link below to find out more.  Find out more here.

If you would like a healing session in person or distantly – Please contact me here.