Learn Isvara Soul Healing

(image by kind permission of Miss Anwen Wheeler – Artist)

Learn Isvara Soul Healing at the Malindi Centre, Carmarthenshire, Wales 8th to 9th June 2024

A unique opportunity to attune to and learn how to use Isvara Soul Healing for yourself and others.

In this two day workshop you will learn and understand

  • the nature of the multidimensional soul, what the soul is and how to work practically with the Soul for healing
  • the principles of healing the soul
  • the three dynamics of healing
  • the nature and practical application of three sacred Light Codes to assist in healing
  • the nature and application of Light Rays in healing
  • toning
  • how to give an Isvara Soul Healing session
  • two full practice sessions
  • self healing practice
  • distance healing

You will also receive a full attunement to the energy and learn how bringing through the energy works. You’ll also receive a full practice manual and certification.

Receiving the attunement will assist in a greater connection with your own eternal Soul and the integration of a greater perception of who you are.  The energy is gentle and powerful.  To read more about the healing, click here.

What others say about the healing :

‘Before I fell asleep, I had visions and realisations about my life, then I sensed stunning white rays and a translucent lotus above my head.  I woke up feeling there will bigger shifts this year than I had planned but feeling that it is all good and positive.’ – P. Sweden

‘I sensed energy movement.  A sense of keeping a clear mind focus on myself.  A sensation within my heart and then feeling that it had soothed my heart emotionally.’ – Elizabeth, UK

Please bring your own lunch for the weekend – refreshments and snacks will be provided at the Malindi Centre.  The days run from 10 til 5pm on Saturday and 10 until 4pm on Sunday.


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