What happens after Pellowah?

It felt like a big step for me when I took the Pellowah attunements

So What happens after Pellowah?

‘Pellowah meets us where we are.’  This is a line that is often used and it’s good to revisit and ponder upon its meaning.

For all of us who are called to Pellowah there is an individual Soul calling and the reason why we take up the energy attunements may not be clear to us at the time or even for some time afterwards.

After we have taken the Level one and two workshop we may naturally feel excited, eager to share and to hold on to the joy and magic that the Pellowah energy brings.  For certain, the workshop weekend is a process we go through and your fellow journeyers will have shared this with you.  This creates a group energy, a bigger dynamic and so its great to stay in touch with those who have shared the experience with you.

After the workshop, we all have to go back into the so-called mundane world where we take up our responsibilities that may include interaction with others who have no idea about energy healing.  We may begin to be concerned about how we get the Pellowah energy across to others, get them engaged and interested. . . We also will be eager to see what life changes occur for ourselves.

Most usually, unless your Soul calls for a Cosmic boot, changes will be gentle and subtle.  These include:

  • A change in your attitude towards yourself, life and others
  • A change in your relationships
  • The choices you make for yourself
  • Boundaries become strengthened
  • New innovative ideas come into view – increase of downloads
  • A general sense of increased awareness
  • You find yourself doing something you previously considered impossible!

We are all unique – what changes happen for you will be individual to you.  It is your shift in consciousness!

How do we get this energy known about and people engaging with it?

Truly the best way to get the energy out there is to talk about it to others.  Don’t be shy, even to work colleagues.  Pellowah helps people change their lives – we all want some of that, don’t we?  Use the words that the people you engage with will understand.  If people aren’t into ‘spiritual stuff’, use ordinary words like ‘changing your lifestyle, doing the things they wanted to do – but felt they couldn’t.’

Use the words in the manual as a guide to describe what Pellowah is on your literature, website and social media.  Be careful to not embellish it – Pellowah is Pellowah and in essence is simple and profound. Gather feedback from others.  Be creative in your own individual way of expressing the Pellowah energy – the best way is to explain how it feels for YOU, use your experiences as a guide.  Let the Pellowah energy guide you in the words you use – that way you allow Pellowah to speak through your Soul and that creates the magic of attraction.

Testimonials are great as they help people to understand what the energy is about and how it may help them too.  Always ask for an energy exchange if you are practising on others.  What you are giving is profound.  Respect the energy and respect yourself.  You would not expect to get something for free from a shop – make sure that you receive something of value back.

Many people are curious about the name Pellowah and it is this word that calls the Soul.  They will probably not know why truly – and the ego often creates a story for them to follow.  That’s ok – just let their own experience unfold gracefully for them as they come for their first session.

The main key is to Live the Pellowah Energy – feel the Joy!

How do we feel the JOY?  – by engaging with the energy through swaps.  Keep a journal if you wish to and write down how you personally feel each time you have a session.  Then you can look back and see how much you have changed.  Write down any profound comments that others say too.  It’s all part of . . .

Getting to Know the Energy!

You may wish to have top up attunements when you can.  You can receive up to five in one sitting and these give you a real boost of energy.
You may find you are guided to change aspects of your lifestyle and diet – listen to the inner voice of your Soul.  Remember, you are individual, what suits others may not be right for you.
Pellowah changes us for the better and at first we may feel we no longer ‘fit in’ with some of the people, lifestyles, places, work, habits we previously had.   Sometimes we enter a period of deep processing.  Be kind to yourself and responsible for giving yourself what you need.  Do what’s best for you.

It can be hard to let go – the answer to this is often more Pellowah and to engage in the growing Pellowah community of people around you.

It is not that you are different to others – you are now more yourself than you have ever been!  Feel the Joy in that – and feel how your new magic can create and co-create a bigger shift in the world around you.  Feel the Joy and de- Light in how such a simple and profound energy can create those big ‘aha!’ moments for yourself and others.

Giving Pellowah Sessions and Swaps

Remember that giving a Pellowah session to someone is a unique experience.  Even if that individual has had Pellowah before and has taken on many other energy healing modalities, it will still be unique as our energy changes moment to moment.   I have received sessions myself thinking that perhaps they wouldn’t be so profound this time – and I have needed a good thirty minutes or more to truly process before getting back to what I’ve needed to do.  This is why it is great to receive at night during hours of sleep, but this is not always mutually convenient.

Allow Time For Processing

After a session, allow time for the Client to come round. Offer water and encourage them to say how they feel without comment or interpretation of their experience.
After a distance session – it will be the same.  Allow a little time before contacting them.  The following morning if the session was late, or at least 15 minutes after the session is complete.  Do not just leave them hanging!  You want to hear how it was for them.  If a client doesn’t feel anything, be aware that not everyone feels the shift in energy immediately.  Know that what has been given is what has been asked for by the Soul – the Client will process or become aware when they are ready to.  Some people experience the changes very slowly.

When a Client or fellow practitioner says how it was for them, they are helping themselves to integrate the energy.

If you are swapping with another Practitioner – allow at least three hours between the sessions for processing the energy.  Better still, arrange for the exchange to take place on a separate day.

Remember that the Pellowah energy is working with consciousness and so therefore it is working always at a deep Soul Level.  This is Soul Healing – time for processing is essential.

Respect the Energy and Respect yourself

Be of Service to others and in so doing, yourself

Be responsible

Always gain permission to give Pellowah – if you give Pellowah and it has not been permitted, it is not Pellowah and the energy will not flow.

Refer back to your teacher if you need advice or wish to share an experience.

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With blessings, Rhosalaria Gwyneth Robbins-Cox

Pellowah Practitioner and Teacher March 2024