Crystal Healing

Each Crystal Healing is a Unique Experience . . .

Simply because our energy is constantly changing.

Whatever it is we need energetically in each moment is constantly shifting.

A crystal healing session is a relaxing experience.  An opportunity to go deep into our inner world, to rest, restore and sometimes to receive insights.

A Crystal healing session addresses disharmony of our subtle energies within the aura and chakras, particularly the emotional/mental levels of our being, therefore releasing blockages and encouraging the body to work harmoniously and in balance.  The energies of crystals are beautiful and profoundly powerful.  A crystal healer works entirely in the moment, with intuition, proficiently responding to the ‘energy’ of the Client.

Crystal healing is safe, beautiful and deeply healing for most people.  However there are some crystals that may be contraindicated and therefore a picture of wellbeing consultation always precedes a treatment session.

Restoring harmony to the whole being, a crystal healing is always a profound experience and will leave you feeling lighter, more aligned, clearer and with more energy.

Crystal healing is my love.  Crystal Healing can be combined with Pellowah and also Angelic Reiki sessions.

Crystal Healing can also be conducted as a remote Distant Healing Session too.

A full treatment is an hour.  Book your session here