Penumbral Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Today is the 5/5 Portal Gateway

Blessings on this 5/5 portal gateway. Also being a penumbral lunar full moon eclipse which begins this afternoon around 3.15pm.

Change is happening as I said earlier this week whether it is wanted or not.  To me this feels ever so slightly like being on a skateboard or surfing a wave that you know will take you to where you need to be, so long as you don’t look back too long and trust .  Here is the Channel from the Heart of Andromeda.

‘You are now entering the portal of change long awaited.  The Scorpio moon says let go and shed those final layers.  For there is a gift for you on the other side of this gateway that is unuterrably exquisitely beautiful.  Let go let go let go of fear.  Keep yourself focused and occupied upon the forward facing direction when fear grips you.  Let all of it go into the Light.  Be not afraid of your shadow.  You are both shadow and light becoming One within the unified field of consciousness.  All is Love.  All, is love and that which you experience as resistance is the polarity energy of the coming together of the lost fragments of your Soul.  For you are becoming whole dear hueman Angel.  The emerald codes of Light are activated within your heart and you shall experience a quickening of reality, a grand expansion of your field and consciousness.  All this shall be as you let go more and more.  What no longer serves your higher self is let go.  All is revealed dear hueman Angel in the fullness of your time relativity.  That is to say  it has already happened in the higher dimensions of your Souls being.  Embrace this now.  Open your heart to the full acceptance of love.  The divine feminine christed heart is activated.  The golden maitreya is anchored.  En-Joy!   Step forwards with Light and Joy in your heart, for now you sing a new soul song, the old song you are remembering now that is the cosmic sound of freedom, sovereignty and bliss.  Each and every one of you is surrounded by pure love, like newborns wrapped in softness.  Accept and allow this gift of freedom now for it is a new beginning  All is love and Oneness.’  
Graciously given by the Andromedan elder collective through me, 
With blessings,  Rhosalaria ⚘
There has been a huge increase this week in people seeking healing and I can only recommend that if you are attuned to any energy healing modality that you keep up with a self healing practice.  These huge energy waves are challenging for many and the ability to let go and shed the conditioning dross of lifetimes is of paramount importance.

As hueman beings we hold on.  We hold on to the bitter end.  But let me tell you, this is now the end and the only option is to let go and leap with trust and faith in your hearts because as the channel from Andromeda states, you are like newborns, wrapped in softness and the view ahead is incredibly beautiful.

I am here for you dear reader.  If you would like a healing session one to one or distantly, please visit my page here to view what’s on offer. 

If you would like to take the opportunity to become attuned to Pellowah or Angelic Reiki take a look at all the deliciously wonderful workshops coming up here.  5th May 2023