We have all experienced times when the acknowledgement we expected from another, is not forthcoming.

We feel unseen, unheard and even rejected. What is this wounding and how can we help ourselves move forwards?

The primary wounding of humanity is feeling abandoned and alone.  The grief of separation.  When we do not receive the kind comments, complements, acceptance for something we have done or created we may feel this deep emotional separation wounding.

Wounding like this comes from deep within.  It is a trauma that has been carried with us throughout lifetimes here on Earth.  The wounding is often held within the sacral chakra, for it is here that we hold the deepest fears and joys.  It is within the sacral chakra that we are mirroring our past lives.  

The Universe is indeed a mirror in itself.  For what we put out there, we receive back.  So perhaps when we feel rejected, unheard, unseen, we are already putting out the expectation of such because we are continually reliving the wounding of separation through the multidimensional soul self.  When we expect, even unconsciously and subconsciously to be unseen and unacknowledged, that is exactly what the Universe mirrors back to us.

None of these feelings and emotions are true.  They are just a reflection of the wounding that happened in this life and others.  As such they are a reminder to stop and take stock of what is actually happening so that the wounding belief can be healed.

The wounding compounds the illusion of separation.  We know, as multidimensional Soul Beings this is not actually true.  We are an extension of Source.  We are holographic forms of Source.  As such can never be truly separate from Source.

Remember :

You are a beautiful being, the Angelic Human becoming.  No other being is the same as you, and yet you are a beautiful part of the wholeness of Unity Consciousness.  Without your beauty the Universe would be missing a piece of itself.  You make a wonderful contribution to all that is each day, each moment by just being here and through all of your interactions with others.

Letting go of the attachment to the outcome of your interactions, you become less entangled in the individual response but develop a knowingness that each and every action and interaction creates something new and wonderful within the Universe, the ripples of which will be felt and received consciously and unconsciously by others.  

We may often never know how our words or thoughts touched another so deeply.  Letting go of the expectation is the action that casts the magic. 

We are all on a journey of individuation here.  From birth, we acquire the illusion of separation and our journey is that of realising who we are as an individual and also as a Soul being of Source/God.   Through the process of ascension we come to realise that we are not separate and we embrace the reality of Unity Consciousness as a moment by moment gift of presence and potential.  Like breathing in and out, we realise that we are creating with Source continuously as a never-ending stream of ideas and possibilities. 

As we come to accept this and indeed live this as a reality, nothing is ever out of place, unseen, unacknowledged as it is all unfolding moment by moment with the grace that flows through us.  

So when you feel that sense of rejection, and not feeling valued, draw your energy back in to yourself.  Ask yourself, and observe from where this feeling is coming.  What past wounds triggered this feeling?  Engage with forgiveness, for yourself and others who may may have been a part of this trauma.  Breathe deeply and let go of the feeling on your outbreath.  As you breath in, fill your sacral chakra with Light and Love from the Universe.  Know that you are safe and whole, a valuable part of the world we live in and that each action and interaction from your conscious alignment is perfect in its timing and gratefully received always.

For you are a beautiful Soul appreciated for all that you are always and in all ways.

There are many ways to help deepen the healing of this wounding.  Crystal companions can be very effective and a crystal healing session either distantly or one to one can help removed the stuck and negative energies and create a sense of wholeness and harmony.

For more information on Crystal Healing visit the page here.

With love always, Rhosalaria

17th April 2023