The Illusion of Time

As we continue our ascension journey path, how do we deal with the illusion of time?

Is time really illusory?  How is it that sometimes we feel so much time has passed by when in fact it is only five minutes?

Time is a paradox within the quantum field of existence.  For those of us who practice Energy Healing of any kind, especially Angelic Reiki and Pellowah, we notice that time seems to become distorted, bending . . . becoming longer than we expected or shorter.

The truth is that when we come into the space of healing, we are placed ‘outside of time and space’.  We are in a bubble of higher dimensional reality where ‘time’ as we perceive it, simply does not exist.

Time is a ‘gregorian’ construct.  Invented centuries ago to keep us locked into watching the time, keeping to time, making sure that we regulate our lives around the clock and limit time spent in freedom.  Gregory means ‘the watcher’.
Animals regulate themselves according to their own internal biological clock, their instincts and the appearance of sunrise and sunset.
So it is. dear reader that this message came through to me yesterday upon the sunset as I watched it disappear over the Hampshire Downs.
‘And even when the day has ended and you have not completed your to do list, know that all is well, everything happens in divine order.  
For time is now irrelevant, as it has been for a while. . . Be in the moment with the sunrise, the sunset and all the glory that unfolds between.  Fill your body with Light from the green plants in abundance.  Let your heart sing with appreciation for all that moves through you and around you.  When night falls, allow the dreamtime to inspire and reveal that which must be integrated.  Know that within the dreaming, deep healing takes place.  
This is the way, the Light of the human Angel.’ 

We are for certain now entering into the quantum field of timelessness.  We are stepping through the gateways into New Earth existence.  As the old systems continue to crumble, a new and unique ability to flow with what is needed from moment to moment in complete presence becomes our normality.

To be within the sense of presence at all times is perhaps the biggest challenge and depends upon what we are willing to release and how we create and co-create our life and lifestyle.  Someone told me many years ago how they had at an early age decided that they would never wish to be ‘bored on someone else’s time’.  Instead choosing to lead a creative life, divinely guided in each moment of rising inspiration.  Many people have not had that privilege, however we all have the power to choose.
Perhaps, in the choosing we agree to make some personal sacrifice and compromise but as we embrace and align with our inner Light and frequency, we come to realise that we can have it all!  Behold the Lemurian dreamtime reveals that which the Soul remembers and has agreed to restore on Earth.
Letting go of the old systems maybe difficult for some but surely it requires a simple adjustment of our mind set and energy vibration.  We may write our ‘to do’ lists in all good faith that we will complete the tasks.  But perhaps if we adjust to feel that today is another day, another adventure, another beautiful opportunity for Love.  A day to shine in whatever way we are guided.  We take the pressure off ourselves and also allow for the creative flow of Divine connection and alignment to enter, thus what we create will be in ‘right action, action with consciousness’ and therefore be a co-creation of higher vibration we can share with the world.
When we practice yoga, self-healing and meditation we are stepping outside of the illusion of time.  We enter into the multidimensional soul space that is the reality of the Light Being, the human Angel.  Making sure our diet is clean and light filled with the abundance of green plant energies available to us whether they are bought or wildly foraged.  Taking on the attunements to higher vibrational frequency healing modalities such as Pellowah, Angelic Reiki and Omni also helps us to integrate our multidimensional soul self, creating the necessary shifts in consciousness to embrace the light.

Time is an illusion.  It is a construct of the third dimension.  As we awaken from the dream that has held us captive for millennia, so we begin to realise the beauty of flowing with the inspiration that arises each day, each moment.

For all existence is a series of frequencies manifesting before us moment by moment.

With blessings, Rhosalaria