Alignment and the Truth About Pellowah – Part 2

We hear so much about alignment – what does it really mean?

In these days of massive transformation and change, being aligned with our true soul self is the way forwards in co creating a new world of love and peace.

In channel today I brought through this message.  “There is a Beautiful energy of awakening and alignment flowing all over the planet.  This energy moves through us, within us, around us and out into the cosmos.  We are hue-man souls awakening truly.
We are in the void space of a dark moon, just a few days before the New moon in Sagittarius.  We are given a space to feel into the void, to seek out the misalignments and let go of those misaligned beliefs.  It is only the holding on to such that causes the pain, grief, anxiety, fear. . . What if we could let go of it all now and come into collective alignment now . . .how amazing that would be!  How amazing that IS!

Being in alignment with our Soul self means doing and being what we were here to do and be without doubt, fear or lack.

I am sensing a massive wave of Light heading towards us in the upcoming Sagittarius season and it is going to be huge! So much transformation is about to happen!  Are you excited and feeling this?
Be who you are and be proud.  Live it fully with love.”

This month, upon the Lunar Full moon eclipse in fact, I was at last able to take on Pellowah level 3 attunements to become a Teacher of Pellowah Healing Technique and share the magic and joy that is Pellowah Healing Technique.  As this article is a Part 2 to the Pellowah piece I wrote back in 2018 – this is in a sense an update and we have certainly been through some times of change to get to where we are now energetically speaking.
As we continue to watch the third dimensional reality existence crumble and fall apart, there is greater opportunity to feel into the Soul – the heart of the Soul, and align ourselves with what is truly ours.  To sense our sovereign being-ness and bring through a living manifestation of who we really are.  Beneath all the noise, the fears, the conditioned whispers of the false ego self – the desire to BE and truly live is here now.

I invite you to stop reading here and close your eyes.  Take three deep breaths into the belly.  Place your hand on your heart and breath with ease observing the rise and fall of the breath and the light within your heart chakra.  Allow that light to expand a little and begin to see and feel the desire of what you wish to bring into the world through your higher divine consciousness.  Pay attention to all you sense and feel right now.

The view we have of ourselves is so often out of alignment with not just who we truly are but also how others see us.  The stories/narratives we tell ourselves and live by not only place us out of alignment with our true soul self but create a mystery for others too.  Hence we can be misunderstood and our graces not fully accepted.  This energy ripples outwards to fill the world with misalignment but all that is changing now and it changes through our conscious awareness – one soul being at a time!
Our heart space is the portal of connection to Source/God/Goddess and as such our higher soul being.  We are not separate from Source and are always connected through the heart chakra.  This is true alignment.  Feel your way – sense whatever you are sensing – allow it to be, accept it all.  For as such these are the whisperings of the Soul’s desire and part of what you came here to do and be.
Pellowah helps us to be aligned naturally.  To be reflective and let go of the old beliefs, the old realities and mis-alignments.  Instead  to be aligned to the joy and magic of our divine self through the heart.  That connection is always present and in that sense of presence we can find it.  When we take on Pellowah Healing sessions we become ‘lighter’ and more aligned.  When we take on Pellowah attunements the result is equal to receiving 100 healing sessions!  And this is why Pellowah is a Joy!

Are you ready to step into your magic now ? . . my first Pellowah attunement workshop is on 28th/29th January 2023.  If you’d like to sample Pellowah or have had a session before and feel the call for another, Pellowah sessions are on offer currently.   Your Soul Journey and being the best you can be is the theme of this website and I am always delighted to bring through the confirmation with love and grace of all that you are directly from Source and the Akasha for you.  It is as such giving Soul back to Soul in complete alignment with the Love of Source.  

To assist in your process I have some beautiful Soul reading offers here and Pellowah Healing offers here. 

With blessings of love, always – Rhosalaria <3