New Moon in Sagittarius

The New Moon has shifted into Sagittarius heralding a spectacular Sagi season of change ahead!

Yesterday morning 23rd november 2022 I channelled through the following message.

‘Beautiful Light Codes are beginning to pour into our Earth sphere as the New Moon portal is starting to open.
The Arcturian Council of Galactic Healers are overseeing the flow of such codes as they enter into our consciousness.
Each one of us shall receive these codes as the crystalline blueprints for the completion of the Souls crystalline ascension.
You may experience this as blue or electric blue light filtering down and around you.  Connecting the Soul star with the throat chakra  as the Soul star above the crown draws nearer to the physical body the activation takes place.
Are you ready,?
Are you ready to receive this activation of Light?
There is no fear  only flow  only openness within the upper chakras and the heart.  Stand firm upon the Earth dear Ones  know that all is given within the highest Love and Light now.  Open to the flow of Light from above and allow the lower chakras to ground this energy into your subtle bodies  anchoring into the Earth Star.
From this time  you will be the Earth angel.  You have travelled eons of time to be here in this time and space now to receive.  Rejoice!  You have arrived.
Be kind to yourself.   For you are a unique starchild of Light.  You are renewed in your Light form.
Oshia el!  May the Light of your Souls heart radiate fully the Light codes of your Souls true essence and that Light ripple out into the Cosmos sending the purest Divine Love upon the waves of the highest frequency to all beings.  Such is the plan of the Christed Souls Light.  So it is manifest. So it is.
Allow it all to flow  to just be, letting go of the old concepts, impressions, thoughts and conditions to be the receptive vessel fully for the Light.  Thus you are transformed.’

What does this mean for us?

We are entering into a period of change where we shall begin to become the crystalline beings we were destined to be upon planet Earth at this time.
This is the true ascension.  Although in the outside world we are witnessing the crumbling of the third dimensional reality – it is just that, the crumbling away of old regimes, old systems, old paradigms.  As the vibrational frequency of us as hueman beings continues to increase these old systems will no longer cease to exist.  They will no longer be a vibrational match to our reality.  Only fear remains a vibrational match to the old way of being.
 Fear has no place in the higher fifth dimensional frequencies and beyond.
Know that it is what you came here to experience.  Many of us will have completed the life death cycle of Samsara upon the Earth in this lifetime.  This may be part of your mission here.
As support to your processes Pellowah healing and indeed any healing is of great value now.  Take care of yourself as your Soul makes its shift upon this beautiful Earth walk now.
With love and blessings,
Rhosalaria.  (24th November 2022)