Omni Healing – A Cherished Personal Blessing

Our Experiences of Healing are Always Unique and Different.

Since our energy is constantly changing from moment to moment and All healing is given in the sense of presence, energy healing meets us where we are and is therefore always a unique experience and no two healings are ever the same. 

This is and continues to be my blessed and joyful experience of Omni which came into my life over a year ago.  My sharing here is my own unique experience and what I personally love about it.  
The first blessing is that Omni is powerful and yet so well balanced that there are no ‘healing crises,’ detoxing symptoms or feeling tired.  The energy is so pure, directly from Source and the symbols worked with invoke both yin and yang energies to completely balance the body and mind.  Omni works on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, karmic, auric and soul.  Receiving Omni healing is always a very positive experience.
The second blessing for me is that it is easy to perform for oneself daily in self healing.  I rarely miss a day without some kind of self healing with Omni.  There have been many times when I have needed to relieve pain and stress which has quickly been relieved with a little Omni.  Omni helps us gently let go of all that is out of balance and gently restores equilibrium on all levels.  As a healing practitioner it is simple to give distantly too.
The third blessing is that Omni works at a deep but subtle level upon the consciousness and  helps open the doors of perception, revelation, realisation and insight when we are ready to receive, open and recognise.  Omni has led me to experience a deeper spiritual connection and the desire to learn more.  I would call this increased expansive awareness.   
In these days of rapid transformation, Omni supports the Being as a whole on all levels to nurture our Spiritual journey and help us move forwards bravely without the drama and deep feelings of trauma.  Gently, Omni helps us realise who we are, as a Soul Being and that we are always a part of Divine Source Love.
When we are given a cosmic nudge or receive insights, it’s often hard to trust and make the moves we need to take a leap in faith.  Omni supports and nurtures that faith. Omni helps initiate and inspire our insights, shining the Light of clarity on who we are and our Soul’s journey here.   Since Omni was given via  Source and channelled by Dr Sameer Kale it is purely a gift from original Source direct.  Shri Shiv Sai.  Therefore, we may step forwards to the next insight and take action with strength and courage in our hearts.  Omni is like a beacon of Light that guides us on a Soul level – always leading us forwards upon our journey to complete Wholeness.  In fact, Omni helps us to feel complete at all times – held and at One with Divine Source very gently and beautifully.
Omni means Universal and it is a healing modality for everyone.  The fourth blessing is that Omni, once part of us, in receiving attunements seems to grow with us.  Rather like my experience of connecting with crystals, as we become more conscious – so the energy awareness becomes greater and more expansive.  
No doubt, I shall add more to my omni healing blessings along the way.  Its lovely to share with you.  If you would like to know more about the Omni School in the UK please click here

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copyright – Rhosalaria, – September 2022