12.12 Portal and The Desire of the Heart

The following message came through this morning on the 12th December 2022.

12.12 portal blessings.

‘Dear beautiful Divine Souls.  It is with great wonder and acknowledgement that we witness the ever increased opening of your conscious heart, your divine heart.  Your ability to open up to and flow with the higher frequencies of your own Divine Soul essence is beautiful to see.  You are reminded to celebrate such for you have journeyed far, through galaxies through time to be here now in this great opening of the heart.  You are awakening, rebirthing  transforming rapidly now.  Please know we are with you each step of the way.  This day, aligns to the purest frequency of the elevated transformed heart of divine love.  That which resides at the centre of your being and which is the energy frequency portal to Source.  As you open your heart more you will sense an overwhelming flow of love.  Love for your fellow huemanity and all life on Earth and the Cosmos.  Love free from judgement.   Yes you are feeling this now as you read this.  Light rays of violet and pale blue surround you now, transforming and healing you.  For you are so loved.  Celebrate all you are dear hueman Angel.  Recognise all you are in the deep within spaces.  Love is all, love is all.   As the desire of the heart increases so will your ability to manifest instantly that which you desire. Remember that to live from and within the highest love frequency of your heart is the destiny.  You are returning home to a place so familiar.   The desire of the heart is what brought you here to Earth and your destiny is the return to Love and Peace on Earth that is unfolding so rapidly now.  Be Love.  It is your essence.  You are integrating and healing all through your heart now.  Peace.’ 
Given through the heart of Andromeda.  
With blessings   Rhosalaria ⚘

How do we shift our perspective to live at a higher frequency?

Frequency is everything and in any one moment we have to ability to shift how we see things, to change the narrative, the story that we live by.  In higher frequency dimensions we are not concerned with the day to day ‘stories’ that we tell ourselves – the untruths that are based on blame, guilt, judgement and not doing the right thing.  Whence we are aligned truly to our higher frequency we are in the frequency of Truth that manifests through conscious action – right action in accordance to the highest frequency we are resonating with.  To shift our perspective and tune in to our higher frequency we just need to ground ourselves, breathe into the heart space and feel the light there.  Next take your attention to the Soul Star above the crown (you may see this as a magenta pink light) and connect to it drawing down the Light there into the heart.  Feel the expansiveness of the heart and the Oneness with the Divine.  Feel the change, feel the shift within the body and mind and heart.
When we take on Pellowah attunements we are attuned and connected to our higher selves.  This may make it easier to live from a higher frequency perspective.  We become less attached to the stories and the narratives and more in tune with who we really are.

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