You’re more than just an echo of the past

Are we the sum of our past?

As we shift into higher dimensional realities, no longer does this statement have such an impact.

With some laughter I was given this channel at 2 am this morning – a subtle yet obvious reminder that we are still hue-man physical form with a mission to fulfil.

‘Dear ones, as you continue your journey above and beyond the fear mantle that has long held you captive, you may still feel at times uncertain. For as you journey further into the beautiful unknown horizons of your own consciousness you are met with echoes of your timelines.  A ricochet of memory debris that appears as a bolt from the blue.  That is, dear ones exactly as it is.  Be free from attaching yourselves to such.  For these echoes are part of the crumbling reality frequencies around you, but also, (great laughs) to remind you that you are still in hue-man physical form on the Earth and a Sentient Being.
Remember you came to Earth to fulfil your Souls mission as a Sentient being and ‘feeling’ is the key to your growth, expansion and an anchor to bring such to the Earth.  For as a Sentient being you are the conduit for Love and Light to anchor now..
These echoes are a brief encounter, a reminder of all you are.  You are a time traveller and as such you have collected many memories that ripple through the sphere of your timeline consciousness.   Keep expanding and looking beyond, for there will be more echoes along soon, but you’re great at surfing these reality waves.  Non attachment, acceptance with Love.  Always love and grace. ‘  the Andromedan Council of Light.
A gentle reminder that although we may feel at times, knocked off course or even floored by something that happens or an emotional reminder button that is pressed – its all good.  We do not need to involve ourselves in the past or ponder over it for too long.  For as was given in my book The Crystal Soul Priestess, it is not helpful to give such misalignments attention and giving it away to the Light is the best practice.  Be free of it – follow this short meditational healing below.
Close your eyes, feel whatever emotion it is and if you can identify where that misalignment resonates most fully in your body, place your hand there.  Breathe deeply three times.  As you breathe in, breathe in the Light from Source, that is pure and of the highest frequency.  Whatever fear you are feeling, experiencing, remembering – know that it no longer is a part of your crystalline frequency and as you breathe out – see that fear being let go into infinity – it is passed, you are free.’
Releasing is part of the ongoing work we need to do right now in order to truly anchor the Light on Earth.

Channelled With blessings and love Rhosalaria ⚘