Energy Guidance Channel for 2023

2023 –  Energy Channel – What is in store for us this year?

2023.  A year of healing, of stillness within, of deep letting go and surrender to the inner.  We emerge from doubt, conditioning and fear to be renewed and embrace our Souls Blueprint.

‘You are being reborn from and as the purest soul blueprint, your theme, your essence.  Be aware that inspiration is everywhere surrounding you.  Stay open to the flow of opportunity as inspiration from alignment with your Souls essence guides you.

As such, it is a time to be fluid.  Be free from making rigid plans, for as inspiration through alignment and consciousness deepens so you shall need to act from consciousness purely. As you journey deeper into yourself, doubt and fear will arise as you travel towards your core.  For what you may see, feel and sense may be difficult to accept.  Breathe and let go.  Journey deeper, it is the only way forwards for it is within the deepest within spaces that you may meet your true self and come to know yourself utterly.  From here you shall re-member and return to your essence that is purest Source Love.  This process may feel like plunging into the unknown and you no longer recognise yourself but be assured that all is well.
Breathe, let go, breathe in spirit – be inspired for you are not one but in essence all One with creation.  We are here to assist.  During these days of transformation be free from attachment to the outside political world.  For separation has now occurred.   Those who have shrouded darkness upon your world are leaving.  You are awakening.   
Be prepared to transform greatly.  There is much Truth to be revealed that as yet  you are not ready to see fully, but as you let go of the old, your senses open wider and you shall begin to fully see and understand who and what you are.  You shall know and remember it all.  First upon your inner reality that shall gradually begin to mirror through your outer reality.  Be patient with yourself.  Time is more fluid and in essence you shall need to be unfixed to timescapes.  
So much love and Light is bestowed upon you dear hueman angels.  As your crown chakra and upper chakras open further to receive the vortex of immense Light rays  your DNA strands are thus restored. 
As the flow of mystery and the unknown threads of fluidity and Light continue, the crumbling of the manufactured 3D cage is released fully and you shall understand and remember more of the hidden Truths stored within your Souls wisdom RNA.  Realisations will be deep and fast like waves of Light pulsating through you.  Be free from resistance as this shall create blocks and pain within the physical body.  You are awakening rapidly now to your full potential, your fullest Light consciousness and we are in awe.  Instant manifestation is available now in alignment with your true essence.  
Fluidity continues and you shall see the natural world in all its greater glory.  We are in reverence of you all as you hold the Light, dear brave Souls.  We are the Andromedan Council of Light.’ 

Be prepared to :

💗 journey deeper within than ever before

💗 truly let go and embrace Love

💗 breathe in-spiration.

💗 eat and drink cleanly.  Listen to the body.  Be free from rigidity in diet but flow with the body’s physical needs.

💗 release your attachment to time constructs.  This is important.  If something is not done on time, release the feeling.  Time will speed up when attachment to it dissolves.

💗 existence is a walking meditation.  A stream of reality happening moment by moment.   Be in alignment with your truth.

💗 learn to embrace life as formless and flowing, constantly changing.  In so doing you will learn to ride the waves.  ✨

With blessings,  Rhosalaria ⚘