The Path of Love and Light may not be easy . . .

These are times of great change for many.

Today I am reminded that nothing remains the same forever – Source is always expanding, recreating and we are a part of that flow of abundant expansion within our own creatrix selves. 

Letting go of the old can be so hard. As we become more connected to the Light we may look around us and just simply not recognise parts of our life as they seem to become irrelevant – jobs, places, partners, friends even, our relationships will change and we either adjust ourselves in some way without going back into the old or we let go – or sometimes those people around us begin to change also to come into a new view of relating and resonating with us. I have read from so many of you recently about letting go, of looking into your dreams and being afraid of what you see.

Dreams are not literal, they are a reminder of some aspect of yourself which needs to heal, to be faced, accepted, loved, changed in some way. As one very amazing Priestess teacher once said to me, ‘We are never given anything that we can’t handle’. – and it’s true. It may seem hard to look at and hard to face but everything is ultimately a blessing of Love and Light in order for us to grow and to realise within the true Light of our Soul who we are and what we are here to do. When we come into conflict within ourselves, remember that everything is simple ultimately, we tend to overthink things, over surmise what will happen and that is not the path of Light – it is worry and fear – remember to connect through your heart daily to Source – feel the fear – know that it is ok, accept it and let it go – look for the signs that Source brings you in the little things – go beyond the horizon of what you at first see, visualise how you wish things to be – all is well – know it is already done –  Rhosalaria