Ditching 3D Drama Constructs and Opening to In-spiration . . .

Ditching 3D Drama Constructs . . . what if someone said to you, you don’t have to play out those old dramas anymore?  You can be free . . .

In fact, even using the words third dimensional is 3rd dimensional because when you step outside of 3D you realise that we are far more than this and so freely multidimensional beings – that we do not need to hold onto the rigidity of institutional beliefs, constructs, institutions, cultural conditioning and dramas any more.  I’m talking about consciousness.

What is conscious?  To me, it is an awareness within and also in action of the fullness and light of our greater being.  That is, our Soul’s essence and all that we are in connection to God/Goddess/Source/Prime Creator and the inter-connectedness to all life on Earth and the Cosmos.
We have long played out the dramas of the 3rd dimension – we have been squeezed into the terrifying oppression of fear perpetuated by governmental regimes and organised religions.
Last year, as part of writing my book, yet to be completed, I received this in channel –
‘ Is it helpful to know why you suffer?  Why there is pain?  No.  In order for you to begin rapid ascension and conscious remembering you must look to the Light and its healing transmission.  All pain will be cleared – all suffering will be released – since your destiny and birthrite is pure LOVE.  Yes you may acknowledge a disharmonious resonance in your field and release it quickly just as soon as you know of its presence there.  Using the power of thought and the power of crystalline resonance and healing Light.’
There are some spiritual gurus whom will say that it is imperative for us to feel the pain in order to come into a deeper acceptance and understanding about ourselves so that we may release it.  However, for some of us, this translates as, ‘I have to live this, I have to experience pain, ‘no pain without gain’, it’s why we are here, .’  – this is only fractionally true.  We do need to acknowledge where we are stuck and what needs to be healed within us to move onwards.  However, we do not need to perpetuate the feelings and the situations that we create for ourselves in ‘playing old tapes’.  We do not ‘have time’ for that now – the time for healing and ascension is NOW.  When we feel pain – on any level – it is better to allow it to be, accept it and release to the Light, enabling it to move through us swiftly and without the drama.  We can heal quickly, when we are ready.
In the past thirty years since I began my journey of healing and in practising as a therapist, healer and teacher, I have experienced a profound shift in our abilities to heal from trauma and step up into our greater selves.  This is because we are receiving a higher Cosmic Light frequency, enabling the elevation of our personal frequency so that we can shift our energy instantly.  It used to be believed that one could only become conscious through many years of trauma, learning and healing enlightenment – the age of IM (instant manifestation) is here.
So how can this happen?  The answer is simple – through Pellowah Healing, Crystal Healing and Soul Mediumship.
Here I want to focus on Pellowah Healing.  Pellowah, means ‘radical shift in consciousness’ and in particular elevates us out of the 3D dramas and instantly reconnects us to the Light allowing us to reconnect the Spirit/Mind giving us clarity in many different ways.  We may instantly understand how and why we behave in certain ways, why we react to situations, why we feel pain, why we have certain physical conditions which keep us locked into old patterns – and in this clarity we let go, and begin to heal.  The healing shift may be spontaneous as we realise finally that we no longer need to live with the dramas and the burdens that create blocks in our lives and hold us back.

Is Pellowah healing magic?  In the sense of understanding that magic is sorcery and bends the natural laws of energy – then no.  Is Pellowah like magic?  It feels that way – and in saying it feels like magic is because in the 3D perspective we believe that anything that appears to happen in a way which is outside of the normal parameters of our understanding or the ‘norms’ of our daily insights, must be magic!  In fact, it’s because we don’t really have a word in our current language to describe the beautiful and powerful energy of Pellowah.
Is the experience the same for everyone?  No.  Our journey of consciousness and our journey home back to the Light is as unique and individual as we are.  Therefore within the magic of Pellowah, it’s impossible to know what you will feel exactly and how that will play out in your own personal life experience.  One thing is for sure, it will reconnect you to the Light, creating a new network of Light within you – Pellowah will help you move through the pain and dramas more quickly and bring a sense of heart-felt centredness within.  We are not on Earth to suffer, but to heal – to reconnect and remember who we are within the Unity of Love and Light.
A Pellowah Healing Session is an amazing experience always and in all ways profound.  Attunements are even more deeply so and if you wish to experience the level 1 and 2 attunements in the UK you may do so with Julie Parker, teacher and mentor of Pellowah energy, trained by Kachina Ma’an in Australia.  All details on Pellowah and Attunements on her site here. 
To experience the magic of the radical shift in consciousness that Pellowah is . . . contact me to arrange your session either as a one to one or as a distance session.  Both are equally profound experiences.  The time is NOW.
With Love, Light and Blessings – Rhosalaria