Shifting into Unity Consciousness

As the New Earth Paradigm Emerges

How Are we, as a human collective, dealing with the huge shifts required to assimilate this momentous time in our evolution?

How are we to cope with the soul transformation required for each of us now?

I have just returned from Wales facilitating an amazing weekend with beautiful heartful Souls beginning their Angelic Reiki Healing journey.
The incoming waves of ascension energies have been massive since the beginning of 2023 and this weekend was another tsunami of beautiful energy which felt like we were riding a cosmic surfboard as we flowed with the attunements and the guidance of the Angels that assisted in healing practice.
We are the human souls that were called to be here at this time.  How privileged we are, to witness the great shift of ages for the Earth, humanity, nature and all beings!  Within Angelic Reiki Healing we are restoring the human blueprint back to the time of Lemuria where human beings were One with the Angels.  What does this mean?  Restoring and recognising the Light Blueprint within the Human Soul.  Reconnecting the 12 plus strands of DNA so that the blueprint or essence of the Soul can be read and recognised in all its beautiful glory.  Thus now we are becoming the Angel in crystalline form.
But these are times we have never experienced before.  Within our Soul’s memory we may ‘remember’ the agreement to be here at this time but we will have had no idea from this perspective, how immense that would actually be.  It is both beautiful and awesome.  Painful and challenging.
The truth is we cannot continue to be who we once thought we were.  We cannot carry through into the higher dimensional frequencies our conditioned thoughts, actions and patterning.  This process of transformation can and is for many leading to periods of immense fear as that which we held onto for so long begins to dissolve away.
It has been our human nature to identify ourselves, at least in part, by our narratives.  The stories we tell ourselves which arise from conditioning including emotional baggage, physical debilities, conditioning born by gender, culture, religion and that which is ancestrally indentured at birth.  All this, we cannot carry into the higher dimensional nature of the Human Angel (homo angelica).
Love conquers fear always.  Love was there at the beginning of creation and will be there at the end.  What I have experienced and witnessed this weekend is the divine intervention of the Angelic Realms in their movements to facilitate greater awareness, consciousness and healing through realisations for each of us individually and collectively.
The greatest integration is that we are One Human Consciousness connected through Divine Love and compassion.   Although experiences in the past few years have divided many Souls who have chosen fear over love, when we shift our consciousness to that of Unity and Love – strength, support, kindness, compassion, a new paradigm shift occurs.
We are not alone but all One in connection to each other.  As we open our tender hearts, like never before, we feel the vulnerability.  So much outpouring of Love occurs in both Joy and sadness for release of that which we have carried for thousands of years is finally put to rest.  No more the grief.  No more the sorrow.  For Unity and Trust in the Divine Plan for us all is what truly matters.
Put down that which you have carried emotionally.  Put down the burdens both real and imaginary.  Open your heart and seek the Divine connection which was always there.  The heart is the portal of communication to Source.  We communicate truly with the Divine Source through our feelings!  For we were never disconnected, we were told we were.  We were told we were not good enough.  All the time, we searched and now the realisation is that Source was holding us all along . . . waiting for us to return home.  Children of the Light.
The child within us becomes the Angel and at last we find our crystalline wings to arise and be who we came to be, taking on the higher frequency perspectives and grounding them into our Light Bodies.

How do we move on?  We step forwards with open hearts.  Hearts of Joy and forgiveness.  Source accepts us for all that we are and have been.  Therefore we are incongruent to Divine Truth whence we are free from being in acceptance of who we are for ourselves.  

Listen to the words you say to yourself daily.  The stories and beliefs you live by.  Are they serving you?  Or are they part of the burden you have carried for millenia?  If there is no love in the words of these stories they are misaligned with who you are.

Come together with others of like mind and heart.  Open to the Angelic Realms and ask for their guidance and help, always seeking the highest Divine Love Aspect.  For the Angels cannot help us unless we ask.

With blessings, Rhosalaria

If you would like to know more about becoming the Angel and shifting consciousness take a look at my pages on Learning Angelic Reiki and Learning Pellowah.  Both are exceptional healing modalities for this time now and the attunements serve to reconnect us to our Soul’s Light.