Loss and Transition – A Channelled message from the Collective of Light


These are difficult times of transition for the human collective.

Thus I was given the following channel from the Collective of Light who have come together to create a Unity of Love and Healing as they witness our ascension and transition.

The Collective of Light includes the Pleiadian, Arcturian Councils primarily but also the Andromedan and Lyran Councils who have joined also.  The Lyrans hold the lion energy given through the Goddess Sekhmet long ago before Egypt and Atlantis and the Andromedan Council are the guardians of our Earth, keepers of wisdom, Light and knowledge until such time that we are ready to receive it fully and be the keepers ourselves.  The time is here.

You may be aware that these Beings of Light have long been guardians and overseers of this project upon our Mother Earth and the grounding in of the frequency of Love here.  We came here to learn what love is.

Dear Ones, we are with you,  be free from fear.  We are aware that many of you are being tested and stretched to the furthest reaches of your emotional senses through the wounding and the triggers that echo down through the eons of your Soul’s remembering are at the very core of your hurts.
Within these painful processes you are reminded that you chose to be here at this time as sentient Beings so that you could truly re-member the feeling of Love and the grounding of Love as part of Source upon Earth.  It was and is your mission.  You chose to be sentient so that you could feel it all.  The joy and the pain.  You chose to be here so that you could heal and integrate the emotion through your feeling connection to Source.  There is so much love pouring through for you now.  Feel this love now.
This time of turning and ascension is the tipping point and so hard for you – but please bear with it.  To say goodbye to those who have shared this journey with you – this very special journey, this life you came here to do and to be, as you awaken to the great remembering.  As the Light of Consciousness strikes you deeply within your body core, your heart must break a little – so that the true Desire of your Soul’s awakening ignites.  It is such a beautiful sight we see now as you awaken from the illusory world.  And truly, we assure you, there is no sorrow -for through the pain you will see there is no loss but a re-collection, a re-gathering and a bright realisation of wholeness – we are all One – We are each of us never alone.  Be free from the fear and embrace the Oneness – there is so much love for you to feel – open to the frequency of love now.
The feeling of loss is part of the illusory world and a core wound for you that you felt on your journey to Earth as being separate from Source.  There is no separation – only expansion.  We are all connected and although the loss may seem so hard to bare, please shift your consciousness to the reality of Oneness and thus you will see, feel, know that there is no death truly and no loss. 
Breathe – breathe deeply dear Ones – elevate your senses – be aware of the space of Light around you.  You are individual but equally connected to that space of Light.  Watch as you see the expansion of Light before you – it is a mirror of your Soul’s Light.  Expanding consciousness.  Breathe it in now.  Let go.  With deep breathes fill your heart and your lungs with Light.  You are One – you are whole- you are nurtured – you are love.’
The collective of Light given through Rhosalaria.
6th February 2023