What are you holding on to?

Are you holding onto something that keeps you from moving forwards?  Something/someone a situation or dis-ease even that keeps you locked into FEAR?

Our psyche can be very tricky.  Our mind ego plays tricks with us constantly – also known as the monkey mind and I’m sure you’ve heard all the psycho jargon before and how others explain the three areas of the brain that can control us through the release of hormones.
I don’t want to go into the biological side of things here in depth but it’s a fact that cortisol is released when we’re super stressed and that adrenalin is useful only when we really need to push ourselves forwards.  The love hormones like oxytocin, seratonin and dopermine are what we need more of and to feel the essence of love flooding through our bodies and there are many ways to achieve this.
  • How we live our life, our life-style, eliminating stress in the form of stressful interactions with others, stressful work, stressful situations
  • Eating clean foods and food that do not stress our body.  Such as eating a more raw food, a balanced alkaline diet helps reduce inflammation in the body which is caused by stress.  Plenty of vitamin C and D, taking superfoods such as Ashwaganda, mucuna, maca, cbd oil, are all adaptogenic within the body helping us to be calm and stress free.
  • Exercise helps release seratonins in the body also helping us feel good.
  • Natural therapies, massage, reflexology and healing such as Pellowah healing and crystal healing can really help us. – here’s why –
Through my own personal journey I can most certainly vouch for the success of all the first three of the above in helping us to be calm and beat the fear factor.  However, it wasn’t until I discovered Pellowah Healing that things really clicked into place.
Crystal Healing gave me an immense journey of self-discovery and I found many beautiful crystal beings to help me be more confident, calm, whole, healed along the way.  However, it wasn’t until Pellowah began its work of reconnecting me from the inside out that I felt literally illuminated!  All the fears that I had had in the past, I soon realised were because of something hidden behind it.  In other words what we often perceive as being the reason why we can’t move onwards, for instance – take that job, leave our partner, write that book, shake off that feeling of being unwell – is because we have a hidden attachment to the ‘what ifs of life.’
These ‘what if’ factors are so often ingrained from our childhood or from a past trauma in another dimension of our Soul, they seem irrational and ungainly, we don’t want to look at them and may not even be fully aware of their existence because ‘that thought/belief/feeling has just always been there’.  These attachments to F.E.A.R or false evidence appearing real, may have their roots in something that is real in another part of ourselves, some attachment/memory to trauma but it is not real in the present.  Since all of life exists only in the present – having attachment to Fear only brings it into the present moment and before we know it, there we are restricting ourselves once more for the belief that something bad will happen, or that we won’t be successful, or that we will create too much change to others around us, and that feels uncomfortable.  We want to stay in our ‘comfort zone’, even though the FEAR and stress causes pain and suffering but it becomes a part of us that is familiar.
It’s important that we remember that we are, in Soul, only responsible for ourselves, we are inextricably a part of Source Origin and totally energetically inseparable from such.  If we perceive ourselves as being alone, we are acting outside of Universal Law, which says that Source comes first, then ourselves as an inseparable holographic expression of Source, then our nearest beloved, then everything else.
Source has no Fear.  Source origin has no fear because it is just purely Love and Light and Creation.
Where do we hold these energetic attachments within our body?  Most often it is within our sacral chakra where we hold onto these fear attachments which are part of some memory or blame pattern even.  These often get mixed up with the immediate emotional/will patterns of the solar plexus which then in turn block us from truly feeling and having spiritual connected-ness through our feelings within the heart.  The heart chakra opens to Source Love and seeks Love as a reassurance that we are infinitely connected to our Creator.  When we have that heart/Source connection – we are open from the heart we not only perceive the Love from Source but are able to give it also to those around us – out into the Universe and so it returns to us.  FEAR creates the illusion of an absence of LOVE.
We get so used to the stories we tell ourselves and the mind/ego creates those stories anew constantly so that we do not step into our greater selves – our higher selves – our Soul selves.
Soul Readings from the Universal Heart of the Akasha and Pellowah Healing literally illuminate the Soul and all that you are!  Pellowah healing helps to create new inner Light pathways within that reconnect you to your Light Body – your greater and higher consciousness so that all those old stories, old tapes of FEAR become irrelevant and obselete.  Rising above FEAR is the pathway to Consciousness.  A Soul Reading illuminates more of who you are, can identify and heal trauma stories that exist within other dimensions of your Soul Story.
Pellowah and Soul Readings give clarity, focus upon your Mission for this life time – are you ready to drop the FEAR and take on the Light of your Higher Consciousness in full?  It really isn’t hard – its just one step away. – Rhosalaria, 17th Oct 2018 – Contact me here