The Truth About Pellowah Healing

What is Pellowah?  Is it really so profoundly life-changing? Here I tell the Truth about Pellowah.

Although I have been a Therapist and Healer for over thirty years, I am actually always a little sceptical about anything new that I come across and I like to try it out first so that I can find out for myself whether it works – what it does for me.   And that is me talking from very much a third dimensional perspective.
Of course my Soul self knows all.  Very often I am drawn or guided towards something by my higher consciousness (we all are!) but I still have to ‘endorse’ whatever it is in order for it to be manifest in the Earthly realms!  So I thought here I’d write my own little short story of how I encountered Pellowah Healing here and what changes it’s made to my life so far.
Five months ago I was feeling stuck.  I had become a Soul Medium and was enjoying doing readings for people but I knew deep down that there was something more to complete the current journey of transformation.  We were living in a beautiful little seaside town in East Devon, UK where the daily views were so amazing – but still it was not enough.  We had decided to live there after my husbands son died and we thought that this was where we would stay.
In truth the lapping waves and constant ebb and flow lulled me into a place of deep stillness from which I could connect to my inner Soul spaces.  What did I really want?
Then, in early May this year, quite randomly I heard from a friend who told me she’d been attuned to Pellowah.  I looked it up, googled it and could only find sites that were in Australia and they all said the same things. . . hmmmmm.  After a conversation, I agreed to experience a distance Pellowah Healing session.  To be honest I felt drawn to the name, the word Pellowah, it reminded me of something that I already somehow knew but couldn’t quite place.
I was intrigued by how it had to be done in ‘real time’.  Therefore the healer was actually doing the healing at the ascribed time as if I was there, and I had to lie down, tucked up in bed and on a Saturday afternoon – I had no problems with this!  Wonderful I thought.  But then as the healing was about to commence I was hit with a wave of panic – ‘what is this?  What’s happening here?  I don’t know anything about this healing energy?’  – I know that for me, these were fears instantly coming up as a Soul memory of having DNA altered in another dimension of my Soul’s existence.  Then, I fell asleep.  I cannot say what happened or where I had been during that hour, but when I sat up I giggled.  I felt as though I had a ball of Light in my solar plexus and it was filling my body.   That evening I felt truly joyful – more joyful than I had in ages!  The Light feeling within stayed with me and I began to feel really positively charged.
Now one of the problems with where we lived was that I desperately wanted to hire a space where I could see clients one to one.  Unfortunately, maybe through fear, or whatever, I was turned down and lied to whenever I asked anyone locally if I could hire space.  However, during those first few days after Pellowah, I felt really positive and decided to go to a place that was fairly new and corporate as I had heard they wanted therapists.  I strode in with my portfolio of certificates feeling extremely positive.  I was greeted and shown around and the lady in charge told me she’d send an email with a form to fill in.  I waited a few days but no email appeared.
That weekend, we travelled to the Home Counties to attend a wedding of my husbands closest friend.  We had a great time and actually performed a blessing ceremony for the newly wedded couple.  However, on the way home I began to feel really low – I realised that the place we lived in was not resonating with me energetically and in truth it never had – but now, after Pellowah, it was just so obvious!
The email I awaited appeared after me prompting the organisation, I filled it in and sent it but never heard from them again – the writing was on the wall – this was the way in which my Soul confirmed to me that I was not meant to be there – move on it said.  It was a strong message from the Universe.  I then knew that I had to do Pellowah training – my friend put me in touch with our lovely Pellowah teacher Julie Parker and I arranged for a two day training at the end of May.  It was all so quick!
On the first day of the training – I said that one of the things I’d love to do was to return ‘home’ to North Hampshire – I felt drawn to be back there, but stated that it would just never happen for many reasons.  There were too many reasons why this couldn’t happen.  My husband wouldn’t agree, its more expensive to be there, and isn’t it going backwards?  . . .
The Pellowah two day training blew me away!  It is very simple and yet so very profound.  Julie Parker our teacher and mentor  is a light hearted warm person with such direct wisdom.  It was an amazing experience.
That was five months ago.  Now I am living with my husband still – in a beautiful rural setting with wonderful views in North Hampshire and we were blessed to find the right place for us so quickly.
I cannot say that there are never any struggles – being attuned to Pellowah means that we are connected to our Higher Consciousness but we are still dealing with the 3D world.  There are frustrations at times but the Light and Love of Source Consciousness always sees us through.  Pellowah is Joyful.  So long as we are listening to that inner voice within, listening to our positive urges which drive us onwards with focus and clarity we are on the right path.
Sometimes when people are attuned to Pellowah or they receive a Pellowah Healing, there are issues that come up into the Light – this is good – for Pellowah means ‘radical shift in consciousness’.  If there are issues that need to come up and be released, then let go – let go immediately of whatever it is you’re holding on to, know that its just old stuff and let the Light transform it.  We do not need to hold onto it – buy into the stories that bind it to us – and this is so much of what I have learned through seeing others transform.  Pellowah healing is your own unique journey of Consciousness.
I’ve received a few more distance Pellowah healings and each one is different and yet similar.  The feeling of Light, focus and clarity is amazing.  Experiencing the healing insights that flow through and the gentle release is always a gift.  The magic of being carried by the insights held within the Light is a wonderful experience.  In this part of my journey, I managed to transform my lifestyle and move to a most beloved part of the country that I never thought would be possible to return to.  Never say never, be guided by the Light and know that whatever is meant for you will come almost effortlessly.
To be pellowah attuned is an immense privilege and giving pellowah healing is a complete joy – during one of my own experiences I felt saddened that not everyone will be able to experience this – but I’m on a mission to give pellowah to as many as I can .
If you’d like a Pellowah healing either by distance or one to one, please contact me.  I’ve sent distance healing to people in the UK, Australia, Sweden and the US, and the result is the same as experiencing it as a one to one.  Pellowah Healing is your radical shift in consciousness – a joyful awakening. – Rhosalaria  October 17th 2018.