What lies upon the horizon of your Soul’s Journey?

Life is a journey of enlightenment and unity with Source. I’ve been inspired to create this website through my own life’s journey and all I have learned so far through all of life’s ups and downs, ecstasies and griefs. Through thirty plus years of being a therapist, healer, teacher, mother, grandmother I have come full circle back to what I love most. Our life is a journey-path of self-discovery, of remembering who in Soul we truly are and what we have come here to accomplish and learn. There are times in our life where we need to step back and take stock of what we are doing, where we are going and to re-evaluate what it is we are to achieve for the fulfilment of our mission and to experience the clarity and Light in connection and alignment with our Soul’s truth which brings inner peace and immense Joy!

In the world today there is often little time to stop and listen the the whisperings of our Soul. Sometimes we are forced to stop and listen through illness, loss or trauma – but if we would all just take time out to follow that which makes our heart sing – ground our Soul’s beauty upon the Earth and begin to manifest our magical essence with Love, how strong and empowered a world would it be? We get lost along the way. Caught up on what we should or ought to be doing according to – whose story? Now is the time to change the story – to begin to remember your own beautiful Soul song and follow your dreams.
We are all searching (even if we are not consciously aware of it) for that magic key to unlock the immense Love and Light we seek. As human beings we often fail to see how simple it all is! All we need to be fully conscious is already here – I will show you how. – Rhosalaria June 12 2018