New Moon Soular Eclipse

We are moving through an ever increasing series of energy portals and today is the new moon Soular eclipse. These important ascension energies are an important opportunity and call us forwards as we awaken to consciousness. The exact time of the eclipse is at 20:16 British Summer Time or 19:16 GMT.

This morning I received this message in channel. ‘Upon this day your mission, your purpose and all intentions thereof is being set. That is in meaning, there is no further time to procrastinate or be in soul self denial of such, but to be certain of who you are and what you have come here to do.

The Light of your purpose/your mission is yours alone and also plays an important role in the ascension of the collective as well as your own individuation. How are you to express your Souls potential upon the Earth at this time and forwards? Look into your true hearts joy and express only that which resonates with you, for now is not a time to sell yourself cheaply or dance to another’s tune or to compare yourself to others.

This shift effects all areas of your life. Your life purpose, work, relationships, friendships, partnerships. All that no longer resonates or aligns with your true hearts vision will diminish through this shift. All change is made and flows within the vibration of peace and love.

It is as such an immense gift upon Earth/Heart at this time as Light pours down upon you, illuminating you, all you need to do is open, listen to your souls consciousness, move gently as you step forwards, trust and know that all is as it should be.

Self denial, betrayal, judgement, is at an end, as you shift, you will feel that such resonance cannot exist within your vibrational frequency. Be gentle with yourself, be kind to yourself and as you do, you shall form new relationships of love and grace with unity in the flow of your communities. Embrace the joy of Being. Express from the heart, your love and kindness and be aware that Instant Manifestation (IM) draws near as your vibration ascends. Be who you truly are in all senses, on all levels – love flows through you and with you in all you BE. On this Soular eclipse day, the soul is illuminated in the evolution of all hue-man kind in Unity. For the individuation process of the Soul is inseparable from the evolution of common unity, within collective consciousness, Earth/Heart and the cosmos. May the reflective vision of your Soul’s Light begin a never ceasing flow through you with the love of your True Heart – divine Beings of Earth/Heart – you are so much loved. ‘ – Rhosalaria. 2nd July 2019